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Vegan overseas

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NathantheContrarian NathantheContrarian NSW Posts: 3
1 17 Aug 2012
Hey I'm going overseas this week to New York then Buenos Aires, and while these are both major cities with many vegan options, has anybody had trouble maintaining veg lifestyle overseas?

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
2 17 Aug 2012
New york shouldn't be too hard as it's an english speaking country, so it should be failry easy for you to explain your dietry needs when needed.
The second, I'm pretty sure a fair amount of people are bilingual with english so that also shouldn't be too hard, check out these forum posts, as quite a few people have been travelling and have posted their experiences/advice on there. peace

Goodluck! And once you've been gone, be sure to tell us how you went! love

Akasha213 Akasha213 VIC Posts: 227
3 17 Aug 2012
Ooooh your so lucky!! I LOVE NY!!
Its been years since I went but there was heaps of vegan foods over there. Almost everywhere had something.
But if you ask for a salad sandwich they'll look at you like your speaking chinese and ask if you want chicken salad or turkey salad! Apparently noone in the US understands the concept of putting a simple garden salad between two slices of bread!! huh