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Make-up & Perfume

Prada ... YES

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kendra1 kendra1 QLD Posts: 15
11 4 Nov 2018
yay, that's awesome, Im trying to find myself a nice perfume, i've got a list of some best perfumes in 2018 hope you will like it

SueM SueM VIC Posts: 45
12 27 Dec 2018
Natio is definitely cruelty free as its accredited by "choose creulty free CCF" and they are really strict with who they approve. Not sure why they dont use the bunny. Its better to stick with CCF as they are super careful of who they approve. I have spoken to them about PETA and theyve told me that PETA is a lot more lax with their requirements for approving a company. For example PETA doesnt look at whether the ingredients a company uses in their product are previously tested on animals. Theyre still great to go by l think but not as stringent as CCF.

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