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Chicken Pets!

Chicken , rooster - what is it like to love a chicken.... not as a meal! ;)

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Miss Lady Vegan Miss Lady Vegan SA Posts: 20
1 6 Sep 2012
Hi All

Does anybody own chickens or a rooster? I don't really have a specific question to ask so can anybody tell me anything about what's it like to have chickens as pets or any heart-warming fuzzy stories you have to tell?  


Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
2 6 Sep 2012
Having a pet chicken would be nice. If I move a little north they allow chickens.

JessBrazil JessBrazil VIC Posts: 97
3 6 Sep 2012
We have two chickens at the moment and are about to adopt another 4 that have been rescued from some people that were just fattening them up and treating them poorly to eventually kill themselves and eat. sad
The two chickens we have at the moment are amazing. They are so friendly. They come up to the back door through out the day waiting for us to come out and say hello. We give them all our veggie scraps, so if we don't bring them out first thing in the morning they get a bit impatient and try to get in the house. Haha.
They also like to boss our cats around. It's funny because when we first got them we were worried about the cats hurting them, now it's the other way around. tongue
People really don't give chickens enough credit. They're a lot more intelligent and social than most people would think. They make great company. happy

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
4 6 Sep 2012
Hey Miss Lady Vegan,

Poultry make easy and wonderful companions, I have 12 hens, 8 roosters and 1 Muscovy duck at the moment - all rescued and free ranged. I've rescued a range of different fowls from chooks and ducks to turkeys and they all have there own different personalities and characteristic's; for example Ricky follows you ever where you go and if you leave the door open Snuggles will come inside and make her self comfortable on the lounge happy

Poultry are really easy and cheap to look after, all you need to do is;
- make sure they have a clean and dry area to sleep at night that is safe from the elements and predators

- feed them twice a day and make sure they always have access to clean water

- make sure you worm your chooks every 6-8 weeks BUT remember to rotate the worming products around so that the parasites don't grow a immunity to the worming formula - I rotate 3 different products happy

- collect the eggs everyday to reduce the risk of predators

- clean out the nests and night Pens at least once a week to prevent lice and fleas infecting your chookies

That's pretty much all you have to do happy hope that helps and if you have any further questions I will be happy to answer them happy

Also make sure if you live in town what the regulations with your local council are, that is how come I have so many roosters tongue please check if you are considering getting poultry

Jessicasneeze Jessicasneeze QLD Posts: 31
5 6 Sep 2012
I don't have a pet chicken but I am just curious how all you people saved chickens? I wanna save some chickens sad haha.

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
6 6 Sep 2012
Jessicasneeze said:
I don't have a pet chicken but I am just curious how all you people saved chickens? I wanna save some chickens sad haha.
Various situations, ive rescued around 66 chooks and have re-homed around 46. Some have come from a battery egg farm about 20 mins south from where i am, some have come from the RSPCA, and the others came from people not wanting them anymore because they are roosters.

One rooster that now lives at my nans was dumped on our second property and we went a catch him - took about 2 hours in the dark but we didn't want to leave him there.

You would be surprised how many chooks, kittens and puppies are dumped out in the state forest's along the tracks aswell, ive found quiet a few along the tracks.

Miss Lady Vegan Miss Lady Vegan SA Posts: 20
7 6 Sep 2012
That's fantastic!!! Thanks SO much for all the info - another question... what do I do with the eggs if I decide not to eat them??

SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS QLD Posts: 54
8 6 Sep 2012
happy Chickens are lovely and FUNNY and so so cuuute. I've been lucky enough to have chickens pretty much my whole life.All different ones.  I found out recently that they really REALLY like being scratched/tickled kind of thing under their wings. Mine push their bums in the air and lean right forward when I do it and will just sit there until I stop. So cute  funny I have also owned roosters. Hehehe they are funny because sometimes, you get roosters with attitude. I've been chased QUITE a few times. I am also glad that only ONCE in my life my dad told me he wanted to raise chickens for meat. I told him that I would never ever come and visit him and POOF his idea was gone. Never brought up again. No meat chickens here.  chick

Miss. Jones Miss. Jones VIC Posts: 242
9 7 Sep 2012
Miss Lady Vegan said:
That's fantastic!!! Thanks SO much for all the info - another question... what do I do with the eggs if I decide not to eat them??
I think it is okay to give them away. I am a vegan myself and i guess for me the idea of not eating eggs is to boycott mass production which is gluttony and is a massive cause of cruelty.

If something is definitely free range then better not to waste food because there is hunger in the world too so give them to someone who can use them.  love love

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
10 7 Sep 2012
I love my chooks. I have 3 hens and one rooster in one pen and another rooster in a seperate pen. They used to get along but not anymore. sad The rooster with hens is nasty so I leave him be but the one separated, on a good day, I can pick up and cuddle. I raised him from a chick so I guess the constant handling went a long way. I want to rescue more hens soon but need to fix up the yard a bit first so there is enough room to run around. My husband eats the eggs but when I have excess I give them away. Every carton I give away is a carton not bought supporting the horrible industry.

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