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Why do some vegans think eating honey is okay and others don't?

I've been doing research and want your oppinions :)

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Jessicasneeze Jessicasneeze ACT Posts: 31
1 7 Sep 2012
Do you eat honey? why/not? let's get a discussion going  clap

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
3 7 Sep 2012
I personally hate the taste of honey, so I can eliminate that easily.
But honey IS an animal product, even though it seems like no bees are harmed in the making of honey.

Vegan all the way Vegan all the way WA Posts: 44
4 8 Sep 2012
Very interesting question. As a vegan, I don't take honey...simply because of the belief that our diet should be animal-free. Not long ago, I was asked by non-vegan/ non-vegetarian about what's wrong about eating honey, since bees are not killed in the process of making honey, and there is no cruelty involved, unlike dairy.  I could not answer the question, so I did some research on the subject.

My conclusion is the same, honey is not considered to be vegan:  Bees make honey in preparation of colder weather, when there are less nectare from the flowers. So honey are actually their food during colder weather.  If we consume honey, we are in effect robbing of their food...which is contrary to the spirit of veganism.

Debbo Debbo VIC Posts: 10
5 8 Sep 2012
Thanks for that explanation.  But I know bee-keepers who depend on the bees multiplying which they do, even though honey is taken.  I don't see any harm in eating honey, and I also don't see harm in having chooks and eating their unfertilised eggs, so I guess I'm no use in this discussion.     bee

z1 z1 VIC Posts: 535
6 8 Sep 2012
the belief that honey is not vegan comes from the man who coined the term vegan. it is not based on logic and most people probably follow it because they are told that honey is not vegan.
But it is a hypocritical position. Bees are insects. Vegans do not have a strong stance on "insect cruelty" since everything we eat has caused the deaths of 1000's of insects.
Also, bees arent sentient as far as I know.

I personally dont eat honey or molluscs because i dont like the taste. But if i wanted to eat these I would because I care most about sentient beings feeling pain. That is my priority. I dont care what vegans think

cassie2 cassie2 VIC Posts: 212
7 8 Sep 2012
I thought vegans didnt eat honey because of slavery and the bees are given sugar to make a sweeter honey and the queen bees have their wings clipped so that she can't fly away.
some of the bee species are overproduced and other species not.
that there is no real reason to consume honey as there is no nutritional value.
honey is also bee vomit. bleh!!

well any way I think eating  honey is a personal choice either way.
and there are some honey alteratives I have seen such as agave nectar and vegan honey online and in some health shops.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
8 8 Sep 2012
je ne comprends pas said:
I don't eat honey, but like some other vegans/vegetarians I never thought there was a problem with it. I just assumed that because it came from an animal that's why vegans don't eat it. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of information out there about the honey extracting process, and it's not exactly 'top priority' with some animal rights organisations, so people are either ignorant of it or just misinformed.
Ah the mythical informations, quite a valid reason.

Honey Oat Milk is amazing.

I have honey in certain things, on the premis that it is the nectar of the Gods aka good for peoples.

Which is more inhumane though?: Bee keepers travelling hives to new parts of farm land, pollinating for fruit farmers as they go and native flora.

Or some indigenous person chopping down a 200 ft 2000y.O tree to get to a hive in the top branches. Or just climbing and putting their hand in and grabbing a chunk of honey comb out, while being stung in the process.

Bee Keepers don't get stung if they're professional.

I'm still unsure about this one too. The USA epidemic of 'colony collapse syndrome' is interesting.
I mean, with people making money from Bees, like I have said before; they are more likely to look after them and implement ecological sanctions on pesticide companies and a whole heap of health implications.

They are speculating in america this is due to either the artificial food, wifi or human pollution.
But I wonder if they care enough to notice what is happening to the Native Bees? Or whether this is just relevant to the man operated hives.


Jessicasneeze Jessicasneeze ACT Posts: 31
9 8 Sep 2012
Thanks for your input everyone happy I don't eat honey, because it's too sweet for me, but I know there's some in my cereal. I think when I go vegan I will not eat any honey.

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
10 8 Sep 2012

What's that? "Kingdom Animalia"? Who knew! Vegans don't eat honey because bees ARE, without a doubt, animals!

This discussions exhausts me, because the answer is just so obvious. No offence to the person who started this thread, though. (However, note the 'Search' button!)

By the way, do the vegans who do eat honey also wear silk, and eat or use products that contain carmine/cochineal?

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