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after all this time!

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sammstein sammstein NSW Posts: 20
1 8 Sep 2012
i was a vego for many many years,then went vegan.
i always harped on about animal cruelty etc etc n my family was always like "we r gunna do what we wanna do regardless,bla bla bla"
...even after all the cruel dairy,pig,chicken vids nothing changed them.

UNTIL about a week ago i made my mum watch Gary Yourofsky speak ...

now she refuses to eat meat or dairy products...

all my years of effort - no effect
he talks for 1hr 10mins and she never ever wants to consume meat or dairy again...



Sparkle Vegangrl Sparkle Vegangrl VIC Posts: 45
3 8 Sep 2012
That;s awesome news ecstatic

Vegan all the way Vegan all the way WA Posts: 44
4 8 Sep 2012
Big win indeed! Great effort!

I shown the same video to some church friends recently, and while everyone find it disturbing, only one of them is dropping dairy and looks for milk alternatives.   "One step at a time" are the exact words use.. referring to refraining from meat eating.

Well, I will keep Earthlings!!

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
5 9 Sep 2012
My Mum won't even take the 30 day vegan challenge. I have told her everything I know and shown her evidence to support my ideals but still no interest. She grew up in a huge farming family though so I guess she's just stuck in her ways. If only she believed it all then maybe my Dad wouldn't have diabetes!!

sammstein sammstein NSW Posts: 20
6 10 Sep 2012
ecstatic thanks everyone,i feel totally proud of here...shes no longer the big 'black hole' in the room anymore hahaha.

Vegan all the way -
thats awesome,1 is better than none,good work ecstatic


Steph -
there is still hope.
i NEVER EVER though my mum of all people would change...and im still in shock that after everything i ever showed/told her,it only took listening to Gary Y speak and now her whole mentality has changed..
your mum may never change,( but, atleast you have tried to show her a diff way of thinking.)
hopefully she will tho! ecstatic


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