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Dissecting Animals at school, is it fine or not fine?

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for_the_animals for_the_animals VIC Posts: 7
1 17 Sep 2012
In Science class, do you think it's okay to dissect a sheep's heart or another part of an animal?

z1 z1 VIC Posts: 535
2 17 Sep 2012
not for a vegetarian really. But for a meat eater, they may as well.

rhi jenkins rhi jenkins TAS Posts: 82
3 17 Sep 2012
I do Biology at school and i dont participate in any dissections, as a vegan it is completely against what i beleive in, and everyone says "but its already dead, you may as well use it" but thats also what they say about meat, "you may as well eat it", and its also to prove a point, .if you refuse to do it people may start to realise that it is wrong. happy

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
4 17 Sep 2012
We have to dissect a sheep heart this year, and I am emailing my principal about the ways it is wrong:

Violent (Bullying comes to mind)
Bad for health
Bad for environment

Anthony Anthony WA Posts: 216
5 18 Sep 2012
Kelsey1 said:
We have to dissect a sheep heart this year, and I am emailing my principal about the ways it is wrong:
You're awesome!  clap

If you'd like some help writing your letter just ask

Arkadia Arkadia SA Posts: 11
6 7 Nov 2012
I wasn't okay with it long before I went vegetarian/vegan. We had frogs for our dissection, I assume they were killed en masse for dissection purposes, which made it much more clear-cut to take a stand against. People eat sheep all the time so I guess this particular dissection can be cast off as 'just using the whole animal' (according to omnis, obviously) but I still wouldn't do it and it's a choice you have to make based on how comfortable you are with it. When I refused to do the dissection my teacher said it was part of the curriculum and I had no choice but to do it. I just walked out of the room. A minute later, four of my classmates exited the room also. Either I made them think, or I made an opening for something none of them wanted to do. Either way, I'm glad I took a stand.

Jackomoley Jackomoley VIC Posts: 3
7 8 Nov 2012
We were meant to dissect a sheep kidney, brain and heart earlier at school this year, being vegan and totally anti cruelty, i explained to the teacher how i was uncomfortable doing it and didn't want to so i sat out in the hall with 3 other girls. If you don't want to do it, they can't physically make you, and if you are that worried, get your parent to write you a note  happy

Jordana Jordana VIC Posts: 37
8 8 Nov 2012
Definitely not fine! It's disrespectful towards the animal - just as it's disrespectful to cut up a deceased human being. Especially without their permission.

Not to mention it's wrong to show support and participation of animals being breed only to be killed for their bodies. Most school students don't even care about the sacrifice. Or the subject for that matter. It's such a waste of a life just so some students that don't care about the education factor, can poke around its body and filling its organs at each other.

There are plenty of other methods to be taught. Wasting a living creatures life is plain unnecessary and I urge all students to write to their principals if they are partaking in such activities.