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Vegan-friendly vets in Adelaide

Are there any?

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LittleGlider LittleGlider SA Posts: 24
1 24 Sep 2012
I spent a lot of time investigating a vegan-friendly vet to take my dog to and thought that I had finally found one, only to be given the 'dogs are meat eaters' speech when I took him for an appointment. Grrr.
Does anyone know of a more open-minded vet in greater Adelaide? I don't mind travelling.
Thank you! happy

Ariadne Ariadne SA Posts: 148
2 24 Sep 2012
I can't think of anyone, but I would bet that the people who run Bliss cafe in town might know of a vegan friendly vet.

cassie2 cassie2 VIC Posts: 212
3 24 Sep 2012
i found this on a website. they are in parahills adelaide.
one of the vets there has been veggo since childhood and has a lot to do with animal liberation of south australia.
i hope this helps.

LittleGlider LittleGlider SA Posts: 24
4 25 Sep 2012
Thanks Cassie. I gave Para Hills Vets a call and was able to speak to Dr Trudy Seidel. Yay! She owns the practice, and is very happy to work with vegan dogs as long as they are on a healthy diet (and she named brands which I use but no other vet has been aware of). It sounds like her approach is just what I have been looking for. There is also a vegan Dr at the practice. I have an appointment tomorrow so will keep you posted.


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