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urgent help, my hen is paralysed

Anyone know what is wrong with her?

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Timelordchick Timelordchick TAS Posts: 6
1 24 Sep 2012
Hi all, this evening when I was locking my chooks up after they had been let out, I noticed that one of my High-line brown hens was crouched on her legs with her feet all clenched up.

she can sort of move her legs but can not support her own body weight and flaps around quite a bit when she tries to move or stand. She is about 3 years old and free ranging every day.
Her wings don't seem too bad, but they are a bit floppy. her breathing is normal and there are no obvious signs of discharge around her nose or beak. as I type this I nurse her in my lap.
Does anyone know what is wrong with my girl????? im quite upset because last year i had 2 hens die of what I think was Mereks Disease.

If anyone has any advice at all it would be greatly appreciated

sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
2 24 Sep 2012
i have no idea but would suggest taking her to the vet asap

cyclonus00 cyclonus00 VIC Posts: 3
3 25 Sep 2012
What you describe sounds much like the onset of Merricks disease (which is not a disease as such, the chooks are "Born" with it)

But there is also a 50/50 chance it may not be, chickens can develop a weakness in the legs which can be treated with a course of anti-inflammatories and pain-killers. We just had the same with one of our girls.

But its very important you get the girl to the vet, and speak to a vet that has experience with chickens.

rhi jenkins rhi jenkins TAS Posts: 82
4 25 Sep 2012
oh no thats horrible sad
we had 2 of our chickens with what sounds like the same thing, they were unable to walk and their feet were also clenched up!! i kept them inside with plenty of food and water, wormed and de-liced them, the next day one was fine and walking around and was completely back to normal, but one was still quite sick and sadly died not long after sad we still have no idea what was wrong.
good luck with your girl love

SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS QLD Posts: 54
5 25 Sep 2012
Maybe a tick??

Megan Will Megan Will NT Posts: 2
6 25 Sep 2012
I guess it is because of some bacterial infection, that also may be the reason of nervous synapses breakdown and cease of vital internal functions in the body oh hen. Keep it quarantined and consult a experienced vet for that case.
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