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20 lambs going to slaughter, and not Edgar's Mission

Please read, they need your help ....

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Sparkle Vegangrl Sparkle Vegangrl VIC Posts: 45
1 16 Oct 2012
From Humane Research Australia - Please support LaTrobe University students in their protest to save lambs from going to slaughter.

11am Thursday 18 October, LaTrobe University Bundoora in the Agora, (centre of uni).

Contact for further details: Allison Drinkwater ph. 0448 542 552

Due to less than favourable response from the Animal Ethics Committee at La Trobe University, student group NAPS (Non-human Animal Protection Society) is organising this impromptu demonstration in a last minute bid to save the lives of 20 lambs.

The lambs are due to be sent to slaughter any day now, so time is fleeting. Edgar's Mission have volunteered to adopt the lambs and pay for transport, but this is not being received well by the university.

From NAPS:
Please come along and show solidarity. The lambs need your voice to help save their lives.

"We asked nicely, we organised everything, we wrote petitions, we argued at meetings - but this wasn't good enough for La Trobe! There is NO reason why these animals should not be given a home at Edgar's Mission, or indeed any of the MANY places that volunteered homes to these sheep.

And even after all our reasonable arguments, the University still refuses to even improve the experimental conditions for future years! This is appalling and insulting coming from a University that 'cares for animal welfare' and 'respects the views of students'. Come one and all - help us tell the University that we MUST be taken seriously!" - Allison Drinkwater, NAPS executive.

If you can't make it, please email the following to voice your objection and to urge them to surrender the lambs to Edgars Mission.
Prof. Andrew Brennan, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Graduate Research)
Ms Leia Demtschyna, Senior Coordinator, Ethics

Thank you for your support.

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
2 17 Oct 2012
Emails sent happy

I Dont see what the problem is ?! im interested in there reply as to why they Dont seem to want the lambs to go to a loving home were they will be safe :/

JessBrazil JessBrazil VIC Posts: 97
3 17 Oct 2012
Emails sent.
Perhaps they feel if they 'give in' to activist with this that it will make it harder for them to do any testing in the future.
Whatever their reason is for denying these poor souls a loving home, there's no excuse.

Sparkle Vegangrl Sparkle Vegangrl VIC Posts: 45
4 17 Oct 2012
Thanks for emailing OinkMoo, hope to hear an outcome soon ...

Sparkle Vegangrl Sparkle Vegangrl VIC Posts: 45
5 17 Oct 2012
Thanks for emailing JessBrazil, hope to hear an outcome soon ...

Sparkle Vegangrl Sparkle Vegangrl VIC Posts: 45
6 18 Oct 2012
Good news for LaTrobe lambs!
The university has listened to your concerns and have agreed to provide the lambs to one of three parties who have expreseed interest in taking them. Whilst we do not know who they are at this stage, the university has stated they have "made
inquiries to ensure that the three offers it received are from credible agents, and that none of them intends killing the lambs or sending them to slaughter."
Thank you to everyone who has contacted the uni to express their concern, but most importantly thank you to Allison Drinkwater who alerted us to the problem and for fighting to save theit lives.