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Newcastle Vegan :)

Anyone else from Newcastle here?

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NickM NickM NSW Posts: 71
1 1 Nov 2012
Hi guys and gals,

I just wanted to introduce myself.. but my page is also a good go to place for a bit of extra info about me. I'm Nick, 28, been a vegetarian for almost 2 years then decided that I was only half-assing it. Made the leap (well not a very long leap) to veganism.

Easiest move: Becoming a vegan after reading Tom Regan and Peter Singer

Hardest move: Still coming to grips with people who 'choose' not to be vego or vegan even when presented with the argument and the logic.

Favourite pastime: Picking coffee cherries off my coffee tree! Yay!

Favourite food: Right now it's got to be Peter Singer's red lentil dahl..numnum!

Unexpected moment: When at a funeral of a loved one, dreading what was going to be served at the wake and stumbled upon the gf of a relo who was a student vet and vegan. We had a terrific discussion and it was GREAT for the meat eaters to listen in on our discussion. They got to hear some great banter and what they were missing out on!!! hahah

Looking forward to: Becoming more involved in stopping what's happening right now to animals in Australia. Seriously. We are a first world country with a very confused idea of what animal cruelty applies to.

I'd love to get lots of friend adds, so click on me!