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Hello from sunny BrisVegas!

New kid on the block here

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Dario Western Dario Western QLD Posts: 3
1 5 Nov 2012
Hello all,

Well, I am not exactly a kid anymore as I am 41 years old.  But I have just joined this forum because I care about animals and their welfare.

I first became interested in vegetarianism when I was 18 years old and a fan of Morrissey, who is one of the most famous English vegetarians and well known for his outspoken attitude towards animal slaughter and exploitation.  

In 1993, I became a vegetarian when I saw the film "The Vegetarian World" that the Hare Krishnas showed in Townsville.  Although I will readily admit that my vego lifestyle has been patchy at best, I finally decided to turn away from eating meat altogether after I saw the film "Earthlings" late last year as well as do the 30 Day Vegan Challenge.  

After seeing the film, I was shocked and angry about how cruel and apathetic many people are towards the animal kingdom and want to do my bit to help educate the community about animal suffering.

I am a musician and I am working on a girl dominated band called Laissez-Fayre which is out to endorse veganism as well as naturism, environmentalism, feminism and other similar causes.  I've written three songs for the band "Meat To Please You", "Burnt At The Steak" and "Skin In Skin" about animal exploitation.

Plus, I also used to run a young adults community on Ninemsn from 2000 - 2003 called "NAVEL" (an acronym for Naturists Advocating Vegetarian and Environmental Lifestyles).  We had some great conversations on it, but it didn't evolve past being an online only community.

My vision for the world is that eventually no human being will be ashamed or embarassed about their bodies or abusing animals or the natural environment.  It's a very hard road to travel, but I believe that the rewards are there.

Other interests I have outside of veganism and naturism include music, photography, massage, going to see live bands, netsurfing, vlogging, and a whole lot more.

I'd love to hear from and meet other fellow Brisbane vegans/vegetarians on here.  I'm fairly new to the social scene, but I'm always open to meeting new people.  happy

Stay cool! wink

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
2 5 Nov 2012

jess252 jess252 QLD Posts: 8
3 6 Nov 2012
hey hey
ive been in brisbane for nearly 3 years moved up from melbourne so i can relate.
im vegan too and freakin LOVE animals LOL
if your ever interested in a chat or maybe meeting for a coffee feel free to contact me.
Jess  peace


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