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My letter to the Newcastle Herald

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NickM NickM NSW Posts: 71
1 10 Nov 2012
Published today..

I received a phone call from a horse breeder in a local suburb who said that she wanted to point out that that not all horses were sent away for pet meat. I agreed but said I wanted the article to get people educated about what DOES happen, not what doesn't. I also explained to her briefly about speciesism and how much I valued her call.

It's evidence that people read what we have to say. So remember to make sure you know what you're talking about and to keep things as objective as possible!

PEACE!!! (not whipping and imprisonment in stables)


*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
2 10 Nov 2012
Excellent letter. You stated everything matter of fact rather than emotion. Hopefully it's read far and wide and inspires people to do their own research on the subject. Well done!

Anthony Anthony WA Posts: 216
3 10 Nov 2012
Legend! Well done, Nick  thumb

NickM NickM NSW Posts: 71
4 10 Nov 2012
Thanks guys. happy