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Oscar's law

How can I help?

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Tierney! Tierney! VIC Posts: 32
1 12 Nov 2012
Recently we have been studying puppy farms and Oscar's law in Humanities class and I know that people rallying and protesting in Melbourne but I live a fair way away from Melbourne and can't get there to protest sad

I was wonder if anyone know any other ways I can get involved and help Oscar's law evolve??

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
2 12 Nov 2012
Check out their website and get some leaflets. Also any products you buy go straight to rescuing and getting the word out there. Deb Tranter is one of my heroes!

Tierney! Tierney! VIC Posts: 32
3 14 Nov 2012

Anne1980 Anne1980 VIC Posts: 23
4 15 Nov 2012
I just bought a doggy bandana from their website, and also some car stickers. You can also raise awareness for them online (Facebook, twitter), donate to them or write to your local MP's about abolishing puppy factories. Such a great cause! happy

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR VIC Posts: 663
5 16 Nov 2012
If you're cool with spending a little bit of dosh for the cause, I would definitely grab some of the awesome merch.
Bumper stickers, shirts and dog bandanas are not only financially supporting the cause, but they're also a great talking point with strangers! For instance, I popped Charlie's Oscar's Law bandana on the other day before heading to the dog park, and ALOT of people were asking about it! These are dog owners themselves, so they're really the 'target' population for Oscar's Law happy