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sands sands QLD Posts: 4
1 14 Nov 2012
Hi Guys

How does everyone cope with the complete and utter disregard for animal life? I am having A LOT of difficulty. Everyday I see or read something and I am like WTF! Seriously! I get sad, angry and cannot begin to comprehend what the f** posses people commit these atrocities or simply choose to ignore them. My life and morals have completely changed since unravelling this spider web of abuse I am just having a hard time coping and trying to find a good way to do the most I can to make a difference. Anyone have any advice for me?

I'm vegetarian bordering on vegan in the last phases on eliminating dairy completely, I am trying to make a difference get educated and educate! Sometimes it seems futile with the level of  ignorance and denial out there, but then I just try to remember there are awesome people like everyone on this site who do care and do everything they can to make a difference.

I promise I am usually a bubbly cheerful person!


Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
2 14 Nov 2012
We all have crap days. It's hard not to go down a spiral of negativity when everything you disagree with seems to be shoved down your throat, but I remind myself that it's nothing personal and the world won't change overnight. Think about the things you do for the reasons you do them and it just might help. Failing that, take a cardboard box out to the back yard and exterminate it with extreme prejudice - that oughtta do the trick.

Rattie Rattie NSW Posts: 7
3 14 Nov 2012
I struggle with this so much too. sad
I am surrounded by heartless people, calling themselves "nice" yet they support such a cruel industry of meat. I am just so angered by it all.

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
4 15 Nov 2012
I have this problem all the time-I'm even going to write a book about how our society dwells on myths and exaggerated truths; It's all about our view of animals.

vegiepete vegiepete SA Posts: 147
5 15 Nov 2012
i know u guys are really upset about what happens to animals in the meat industy and it is distressing , but also understand that most people in this world have not been educated or given the whole facts and truths about what does happen , they walk in to there supermarket and grab the hand packed meat and go home ...these same people have pets being a dog ,cat ,birds , mince etc etc , and im sure that these people wouldnt let anything happen to these animals because they are their i beg u dont hate these people  dont be disgusted with them but try and educate them turning against them doesnt help the cause ur fighting for , it just pushes people away, be forthright and explain urself and have facts to help with ur discussion , but dont show negativity towards people who just dont understand....i bet u guys ate meat at somepoint in ur life to until u were educated ......

noddysmiley noddysmiley SA Posts: 75
6 15 Nov 2012
You know, it's not just animal stuff. It's everything. In the last couple of weeks they had the Four Corners special on the sheep slaughter in Pakistan (I taped it, I haven't watched it yet), the Melbourne Cup which was shrouded in the knowledge of the violence of the horse racing industry, Uganda announced that they're going to start killing the homosexual people in their country, a woman in Ireland died because they refused to give her a lifesaving pregnancy termination... Every time I read the news it's more and more and more. Crap upon crap upon crap....

My number one piece of advice is to spam your social media with information. It helps you cope because you feel like you're contributing to making sure people know this stuff is going on. Even if you don't have many Facebook friends of twitter followers or whatever, someone might see and it makes you feel better.

Next piece of advice is find other ways to be proactive. Write letters to perpetrators or politicians, and attend protests with like-minded folk.

Don't be afraid to take a break if it's all getting way too much. A few days just doing fun things on the internet or in the world and not focussing on the bad stuff is important if it keeps you well.

Finally, I recently downloaded a game when you design a virus to kill all the people. Called Plague Inc on my iPad but I think you can get it for phones as well. It sounds a little twisted I suppose, but trying to kill everyone when you're mad at the world helps to alleviate some of that anger lol   wink or maybe I'm just sick and twisted! Hahahaha!

glitter drone glitter drone VIC Posts: 36
7 18 Nov 2012
Living Vegans Winter issue 2012 had a good article on coping with all the horrible things we as gentle humans are against.

sands sands QLD Posts: 4
8 20 Nov 2012
Thank you all so much for the advice, it's always nice to know there are wonderful people willing to help.

Bless  love