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Just be kind ...

A great read, and interesting info

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Deborah3 Deborah3 QLD Posts: 73
2 16 Nov 2012
this is what i needed to read i was starting to think being vegan was going to be to complicated  i am doing the best i can and thats all i can do

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
3 16 Nov 2012
Ah its nice reading something like this. I've been a strict vegetarian for the past two years, with the occasional micro animal product in my food and the rare time where ill more animal product filled dishes served by others. This monday though i've decided to try being a vegan, and lol it feels a bit hard lol..

MoniqueClair MoniqueClair NSW Posts: 24
4 18 Nov 2012
I totally agree, I find a lot of bullying actually happens within these forums. For that reason I rarely post here. I always find it amusing though, if most vegetarians and vegans advised most omnivores to 'try their best' a lot more people would probably be more open to the idea of veganism and vegetarianism.

Ladybug Ladybug VIC Posts: 19
5 20 Nov 2012
So true. What a great piece.

Hannahcolby Hannahcolby NSW Posts: 93
6 30 Jan 2013
That was nice to read. Im glad someone is thinking that.

I remember when i first tried to go vegan, there was so much pressure! Trying to use non-animal tested products, not contaminating the surface of where my food would be prepaird, I even became so paranoid about not having any animal product in my life, that I would worry about the insect spray they would use around vegetable crops, and rabbit traps. But how far can you go? We all try our best and that is something.   peace

Hi-Jinks Hi-Jinks VIC Posts: 19
7 30 Jan 2013
I was thinking about this very thing, having just transitioned to vegetarian. I already couldn't have dairy and had decided to cut out meat and eggs. Now I'm kinda sitting on what I've decided to call the 'vegan fence', knowing that I could easily call myself vegan as I'm doing as much as i can to exclude cruelty/exploitation but there's plenty of people who would say otherwise. I think I needed to read this, definitely glad I did ^^