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How to deal with family..

Damien is my uncle.. this is how I addressed facebook ridicule for my beliefs

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NickM NickM NSW Posts: 71
1 22 Nov 2012
Just for interesting reading.. It's the latter end of a facebook thread on my aunties page, when my uncle (her brother) chimed in.


Nicholas Morphew I'm slowly eliminating animal-tested products from my bathroom and have already been able to ditch the honey (most people don't realise honey isn't vegan). If anything, a vegan lifestyle tests your self-control!
Monday at 8:20pm ∑ Like ∑ 1

Damien Moy grow up nick lol humans r omnivores u should know that!! humans were bio designed 2 eat everything if u wanna fight nature itself go ahead its ur loss lmfao
Yesterday at 10:54am ∑ Like

Nicholas Morphew Damien, the research is in and has been for a long time. The consumption of even small amounts of meat is detrimental to human health. The China Study found that incorporating even small amounts of animal products into the diet increased the incidence of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This is the largest nutritional study ever conducted. Reducing meat consumption reduces your chances of developing these diseases. Eliminating it completely has a similar relationship to the health benefits of eliminating smoking completely- less is better, but none is the best. Meat and dairy consumption also increase the incidence of osteoporosis. The countries with the highest intakes of dairy are also the countries with the highest incidence of osteoporosis. If you are happy with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and promoting conditions in your body that favour ill health, that is your choice.
I wouldnít think you are eating meat because you think itís good for you. Iíd say itís more a function of habit, convenience, tradition and taste. When you are ready to concede that you donít choose to eat meat because you Ďneedí it, Iíll be happy to discuss an even more important issue which is the ethical considerations as to why I choose NOT to eat meat. Good day to you, Sir!
Ps. I would prefer you to not ĎLOLí at me as though I am your servant and you were my master. We are equals. Iím happy to discuss these important issues with you, but clearly it isnít going to go anywhere when you denigrate my opinion and choose a condescending tone. Cheers.
Yesterday at 3:51pm ∑ Like

Nicholas Morphew Finally, if you choose to ignore the evidence to suit your lifestyle, that doesn't count as a valid argument, it's just being 'argumentative' for the sake of being argumentative. I love you dearly, Damo, but I'm only doing what I do for rational reasons. I'd love you to change your ways, only because I care. I have nothing to gain, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose for at least looking into it further. No one is expecting the world to go vegan in a day, we just ask people to look at the evidence and ignore the propaganda espoused by those with financial interests in enduring the status quo of meat consumption. It's killing and imprisoning animals needlessly and hurting your health and that's great for pharmaceutical companies. Peace, bud.

Ashlyn Ashlyn WA Posts: 104
2 22 Nov 2012
this is awesome.wish i could burst out this factual stuff, i try and don't sound convincing.good stuff =]

NickM NickM NSW Posts: 71
3 23 Nov 2012
Thanks! You'll be able to.

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
4 1 Dec 2012
Ashlyn said:
this is awesome.wish i could burst out this factual stuff, i try and don't sound convincing.good stuff =]
That comes with time, practise and increased confidence in the veracity of your facts. happy