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A very Merry Vegetarian Xmas

What to cook?

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Jasmint1976 Jasmint1976 WA Posts: 28
1 7 Dec 2012
Hi everyone

I have only been a vegetarian for just over a month now and live in a household of meat eaters, its that time of year and I don't want to rock the boat at home when it comes to the festive food.

Have any of you got suggestions for some great dishes to have on Xmas day?

And is it wrong of me to refuse preparing and cooking meat for others coming to my home on xmas day? Keep in mind that my husband and mother are quite capable if need be.


cupcake185 cupcake185 WA Posts: 34
2 7 Dec 2012
I guess I am lucky in the sense that my partners family do a big meet up at a different house each year (it won't be our turn for a long time as our house isn't big enough) and it's usually a 'bring a plate' type scenario so I tend to make a vegetarian/vegetable based dish and a salad. Last year I made falafel bites and put cheese in the centre of half of them - they went down a treat although I can't for the life of me remember the recipe (but there are many online). This year I am going to make a vegan chocolate cake as that's usually a hit with everyone meat eater or not happy this is the one I usually make:

AbigailandBrodie AbigailandBrodie NSW Posts: 114
3 7 Dec 2012
It isn't wrong to refuse to cook meat dishes, but maybe don't come at it with that angle happy try a ... "hey let's try something different this year, it's important to me and i'd love it if you'd all give it a go, what do you say?" (and then you can rock their socks off and hopefully you can get your fam off to a great attitude toward meals without meat)

My aunty said something funny to me the other day, she is coming over for a pre-christmas lunch as she will not be here for christmas (back story - sorry), so she said "oh let's have vegan! I have never had it before... oh wait well yes I guess I do eat vegetables don't I"... now she is someone who is very open to being served vegan meals but just has no idea how good it can be... not just "veges", hehe, like most people think.

I can't really think of any recipes off the top of my head, I will have a think and post back... but a website I love is, you can narrow down your search by dietary, cuisine, course, occasion and even the amount of protein you want in a meal! It's a great site, check it out. If not i suppose there is a lot of great blogs out there.

It's hard to suggest recipes when i'm not sure of your eating habits... are you a family who loves a bit of everything and trying different things, or more so a family who wants a whole heap of something and not much else? That wasn't a very well phrased questions but hopefully you get the idea...

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
4 7 Dec 2012
Tofurky! Morningstar Products! Gardenburger!

Jasmint1976 Jasmint1976 WA Posts: 28
5 7 Dec 2012
Although the family will eat a variety of foods, they will still be having meat on their menu, but love the idea of cooking up a couple of vegetarian dishes to show them how deliscious they can be.
The website is great, I have had a look, its got a lot of selections. Will be searching for some new ideas.