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Non-Leather School shoes

*sigh* I miss primary school. We were allowed to wear runners everyday!

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Fish Fish VIC Posts: 149
1 5 Jan 2013
Evidently school is going to start up soon.
My current school shoes are leather, but I desperately want non-leather ones. (Even though I hate fake leather as well, but a cow didn't die)
So does anyone know any good brands? I need them to be cheap. Otherwise my mum probably won't buy them (even buying them now is doubtful) as my current leather (puke) shoes are still good.
Where can I buy leather-free shoes? If none of them are cheap, can you please tell me anyway?

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
2 5 Jan 2013
Kmart, Target, Payless, etc. Abundance of fake leather school shoes or school appropriate shoes, and cheap.

Mary6 Mary6 NSW Posts: 152
3 5 Jan 2013
I need to know as well and I feel the same I can't just wear my cons everyday! Anymore!

maddie45 maddie45 VIC Posts: 167
4 6 Jan 2013
vegan doc martins! Like the short style, as long as your school approves happy

Navo Navo VIC Posts: 59
5 6 Jan 2013
Hi happy

Department stores! The cheapest ones are the most likely to be non-leather, which is great for you. I was always able to find them when I was at school, you shouldn't have a problem. If they're leather, they'll often have a fairly obvious tag or sticker that says so. You'll have to look a little more carefully to make sure the lining isn't leather, although it should say it somewhere, sometimes inside the shoe or on the box. Good luck!

SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS QLD Posts: 54
6 7 Jan 2013
happy Spendless have quite a few different school shoes from fake leather. They are cheapish - $30 or so.

Fish Fish VIC Posts: 149
7 8 Jan 2013
Ok, thanks guys! I'll be sure to check out spendless shoes soon.

Sarah6277 Sarah6277 VIC Posts: 49
8 28 Jan 2013
I just bought two cheapo pairs from target [or big w, can't remember]. As it said in my school handbook thingy that all I needed were "black lace-up school shoes" they were fine. once the vice principal asked me about them and I just said that i'm a vegan and that these were the only things I could find so she let it go.