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Brunetti use gelatine in their ice cream!!

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Theodora Theodora VIC Posts: 47
1 13 Jan 2013
Several months ago, I asked Brunetti if they used gelatine in their ice cream, and they said that they didn't, but just 2 days ago when I walked in I saw that they had put up a chart pointing out which flavours contain nuts, eggs etc., and some of my favourite flavours have gelatine!!! I feel really sick now.

Mary6 Mary6 NSW Posts: 152
2 13 Jan 2013
Thx for sharing that

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
3 14 Jan 2013
I think you should send in a complaint.

honk honk NSW Posts: 118
4 14 Jan 2013
I'm curious - is there an ethical difference between killing an animal and eating an animal when both are unnecessary? The dairy industry perpetrates the births and deaths of more than 700,000 calves per year just to produce milk. It was wrong of the Brunetti employee(s) to tell you they don't use gelatine when they actually do, but I'm not seeing how using gelatine is any more wrong than using dairy products. (Animals Australia bobby calves video)

Theodora Theodora VIC Posts: 47
5 14 Jan 2013
I will.