Animals Australia Unleashed
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Would you like to work at Unleashed?

Because there are two jobs going!

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Anthony Anthony WA Posts: 216
1 22 Jan 2013
These kind of jobs don't come up very often, so if you're passionate about making the world a kinder place for animals - you'll want to grab this opportunity.

Animals Australia is offering an amazing chance for two people to join their small team based in Melbourne. There is an opening for a Youth Campaigner and a Social Media Coordinator. You can get all the details and apply for both/either jobs here:

One of the best parts of the job: On any given day there will be dogs, rescued flying foxes and home-made vegan cakes in the office. Tell me that's not a great work environment!!  dog

Good luck guys!!

Fish Fish VIC Posts: 149
2 22 Jan 2013
Why must I not legally be able to get a job. Why! It's not fair.

I would love to work at AA but unfortunately I can't. Unless the positions are open to under 15's.

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
3 23 Jan 2013
I know I don't live there, but did you say Flying Foxes? I didn't know they had them in Aussie! You guys are lucky! Those are one of my favorite animals.

lucidity lucidity SA Posts: 54
4 23 Jan 2013
I'm studying graphic design and social media coordinator would be my dream job... if I lived in melbourne sad

Daft_Punk Daft_Punk SA Posts: 139
5 23 Jan 2013
I wish that I lived in Melbourne, or that there's a similar job in Adelaide happy

justinerice justinerice QLD Posts: 1
6 24 Jan 2013
I can't wait happy applying for the job right now, have been working on the criteria! I'm from Brisbane but will move to Melbourne in a heart beat. My boyfriend is about to move there for his job so it's perfect! Wish me luck!

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
7 24 Jan 2013
Definally will be applying on the weekend ecstatic Good Luck to everyone  peace

Sally Jane Sally Jane United States Posts: 52
8 24 Jan 2013
I think working for someone like Animals Australia/Unleashed would be a dream come true. Shame I live so far away and am so shy.

Good luck to everyone that applied!  clap