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i have a pet fox at work

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vegiepete vegiepete SA Posts: 147
1 5 Feb 2013
about 2 weeks ago i awake a young fox who has made his/her home at my work in a back corner of the yard, the first meeting we starred at each other for the longest time , the next day there  it was again so i went and got some food  and just left it out and sure enough out it came to eat, so for the last couple of weeks ive enjoyed my early mornings more so , getting to feed my new little friend , it loves bubble and squeak patties and hash browns that ive been cooking up for it, anyway just thought id share my story of my new friend , enjoy and bye for now

Fish Fish VIC Posts: 149
2 5 Feb 2013

F0XX F0XX NSW Posts: 2
3 5 Feb 2013
That is actually really cool ecstatic

(...I kinda like foxs, as you can possibly tell from the name)

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
4 5 Feb 2013
Very cute, but maybe don't feed him hash browns and bubble & squeak patties! Maybe buy him some cat or dog food?

5 6 Feb 2013
I think it's great what your doing, but depending on the area you in , you might want to be careful.
He may get used to people and not fear them and may come across someones private property who has no qualms about culling him.

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
6 6 Feb 2013
That's really cute! At my grandma's house she had a little fox that would sit on her porch, along with a lot of crows, wild turkeys (Ironically they always come around November. But they come around every year so they're okay!) and rabbits.

vegiepete vegiepete SA Posts: 147
7 6 Feb 2013
its in a industrial area at dry creek in adelaide  close to open areas and wet lands

Ariadne Ariadne SA Posts: 148
8 7 Feb 2013
try and sneak a photo!

Ashlyn Ashlyn WA Posts: 104
9 9 Feb 2013
if its going to be your 'pet' take it home and keep it inside... foxes are eating all our native birds, reptiles and mammals...them, along with cats are wiping out our native species!
You say its close to a wetland? well the more you feed it the bigger it grows and the more animals it will eat. then it makes babies. and soon you may not have a very nice wetland area any more..bye bye natural envrionment...

Daft_Punk Daft_Punk SA Posts: 139
10 10 Feb 2013
vegiepete said:
its in a industrial area at dry creek in adelaide  close to open areas and wet lands
I used to live around there! Maybe I can go visit him/her sometime :p

Also it's the best idea not to feed a fox any plant-based food or dry dog/cat food. Fresh meat is the easiest to digest for them. I have no ethical issues with feeding a carnivorous animal what they need.

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