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Any nursing students out there?


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Hannahcolby Hannahcolby NSW Posts: 93
1 14 Feb 2013
Hi ! I am starting my nursing degree next year, and I was just reading about disections and stuff, and started to wonder, will I have to do disections? Or will I have to hurt animals? I mean I know you have to practise but I wont be able to do it.

Can anyone tell me what they went through?

cupcake185 cupcake185 WA Posts: 34
2 15 Feb 2013
I did nursing for a couple of years and they do ask you to dissect animal organs they get from the butcher but it was my understanding that if for religious or ethical reasons you didn't want to take part then you didn't have to. It was just to get an 'inside' understand of what different body organs looked like.

I do not believe that any university in Australia does any form of practising on animals in a nursing degree. You usually practice on silicon dummies. happy I hope that helps.

The British Aussie The British Aussie SA Posts: 212
3 25 Feb 2013
Usually it is just dissections of animals hearts etc in Antony and Physiology class, but you can usually opt out of these. If you have any concerns speak to the topic co ordinator and they could probably arrange another activity for you that is equally beneficial when others are doing the practical.

Also no you won't have to hurt animals!