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When your core courses interfere with your ethics...

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Marky Marky QLD Posts: 8
11 23 Apr 2013
I'd change course, they do what they do for a reason, and you probably will not want to work in that field if it is about things that upset you.

Veri Tas Veri Tas QLD Posts: 5
12 26 Apr 2013

I had a similar problem - I studied for a Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy, and, to my dismay, herbal remedies, for instance, are also tested on animals! Here I was thinking I'd be contributing towards a healthier planet - well, I am now....

I think the subject matter isn't the problem, only the animal testing for scientific purposes is.
In fact, there is substantial evidence that animal testing is bogus and serves neither human beings nor animals (obviously), nor the planet (medicine is a highly polluting industry).

These institutions speak out against animal testing for whatever purpose:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Humane Research Australia

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