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Ellie_cat Ellie_cat WA Posts: 4
1 22 Feb 2013
Hey guys! New kid here happy I'm Ellie.
So i have been vegetarian for a couple of years and have recently (recently being last week) converted to veganism yay! but I have an issue. Freakin cheese! ...After a life long love affair with cheese ive stopped consuming it and I know all the awful things that happen to make this product and it does turn me off, but I find myself dreaming about it, salivating over it and just have these crazy ass cheese cravings at the most random times I've cracked and put some on a toastie a couple of days ago and i dont want it to happen again.  Do any of you sexy vegans have any tips for me? or maybe some yummy vegan cheese substitutes? Thanks!
It doesn't help staying in a house full of (hardcore) meat eaters that have quite the variety of cheese in the fridge (im leaving next week thank god)

dazy daisy dazy daisy SA Posts: 8
2 22 Feb 2013
Hi Ellie happy Congrats on going vegan!  thumb

I can't say I've ever been much of a cheese lover myself, but Cheezly is the best one in my opinion. The only one I can't stand is Tofutti sliced cheese.

I noticed you're from WA, so I found this guide to finding vegan products in WA:

Hope that helps happy

MrIdentical MrIdentical QLD Posts: 124
3 22 Feb 2013
I feel your pain!

The only soy cheese I can find here is the woolworths one with casein in it, and I'm a huge cheese lover too.

The only thing I can offer is stock up when you find some.

Woolworths is working on a dairy-free cheese, I got an email from them the other day. But I don't know how far away that is, they just released their soy spread not long ago.

Aria Aria VIC Posts: 63
4 22 Feb 2013
Honestly.... There's no similar tasting substitute. The best way to become a vegan successfully is to approach food a new way, learn new food rather than try to substitute - believe me I know that's not easy. What we know is comfort.

It is like stopping anything, you need to stop it for a period of time, then you will be over it and not miss it anymore. My husband before he became vegan basically lived on cheese, and now he doesn't even miss it, in fact the thought of it repulses him.

So yep, just have to push through all the cravings and you'll come out the other side eventually happy

Jordanfun Jordanfun WA Posts: 79
5 22 Feb 2013
Congratulations on making the change. I have had a few different vegan cheeses, most of them being disgusting. I strongly recommend trying out Vegusto, which is available from PAWS in Northbridge. I bought the Parmesan flavour and was blown away by how real it tasted. Notzarella is also pretty good but not as flavoursome, you can get this at Loving Hut in Vic Park.

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
6 23 Feb 2013
I love cheese too, and whenever I start eating it I think of "Dairy Calf cruelty in Victoria" video. That is what is making me turn vegan now.

Ariadne Ariadne SA Posts: 148
7 23 Feb 2013
Bute Island Sheese will knock your socks off!

The smoked cheddar one.

Ellie_cat Ellie_cat WA Posts: 4
8 23 Feb 2013
Thanks for all your help guys (:

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
9 24 Feb 2013
Notzarella is pretty good, it's specifically designed to be melted, so don't try to eat it raw! But it's the closest I've found to tasting like 'real' cheese.

The reason you're struggling so much to give it up, is because it contains traces of morphine - you're addicted to it. This article explains it.

Ellie_cat Ellie_cat WA Posts: 4
10 24 Feb 2013
Maggie said:
The reason you're struggling so much to give it up, is because it contains traces of morphine - you're addicted to it. This article explains it.
Woahh!  confused crazy stuff but that does explain  lot i guess i just have to tough out the withdrawls... they should put labels on cheese like they do on cigarettes :p

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