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Vegan Meat - HELP.!!

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Emily Louise Emily Louise QLD Posts: 9
1 26 Feb 2013
Hi guys,

Does anyone know a good place in Brissy to get Vegan "meat" & "cheese" etc..
There's only a really limited selcetion in Woolies and Coles and I find most of the products have milk or egg in them.! There's always really yummy looking vegan meat and dairy products in recipes but I have no idea where to find them.!!
Hellllllppppp sad

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
2 26 Feb 2013
Unleashed Admin
Green Edge, in Enoggera has a great range:

Emily Louise Emily Louise QLD Posts: 9
3 26 Feb 2013
Awesome, thank you.!

LadyLilith LadyLilith WA Posts: 6
4 26 Feb 2013
Not sure if you have seen this website its pretty good:

Aria Aria VIC Posts: 63
5 26 Feb 2013
The Natural Food Store, Forest Glen. May be a bit of a hike, but TRUST ME it is an awesome shop. It has everything and is literally like a supermarket size, not like all the other health food stores that are tiny.

p.s. I wouldn't bother with green edge.

le gabrielle le gabrielle QLD Posts: 214
6 27 Feb 2013
Flannery's have a really good range of... everything!
head over to to see if there's a store in your vicinity.

dazza89 dazza89 NSW Posts: 5
7 14 Mar 2013
Just like to add that has a range of vegan meat substitutes.

Hope this helps.

Vegan Safe Vegan Safe SA Posts: 106
8 18 Mar 2013
I am based in Adelaide but order most of my stuff from  the Cruelty Free shop (  It only costs me $10 for courier service and $5 for a cold pack and I do my shopping once a fortnight to keep those costs down.  

I receive everything within a couple of days and have never had a problem, either with Cruelty Free, or the courier.  There are a few vegan mail orders, some of which people have already posted, and would definitely recommend getting your vegan meats this way, if you are having problem finding something locally.  happy

Emily Louise Emily Louise QLD Posts: 9
9 21 May 2013
Thanks guys.!! That's all been REALLY helpful happy