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Any animal

Any animal at all!

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OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
11 9 Mar 2013
I'd love to be a zebra or giraffe happy

I think it would be pretty awesome to also be a pig ( well my piggy Shilo anyway ) large open paddocks to eat in, large waterhole to play in and he always gets fresh veggies picked from the garden ^___^ Plus messagers and belly rubs tongue he lives a pretty sweet life happy

MrIdentical MrIdentical QLD Posts: 124
12 9 Mar 2013
Ronnie said:
Utahraptor - I love dinosaurs!! And if I could be the largest raptor around I would know for sure how they actually hunted & whether they had feathers or not.
It would have been pretty cool to be a coelophysis, part of the first group of dinosaurs. It would also have been cool to be an early didapsid in the Permian.

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