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Australian-made, Organic, Palm Oil Free and Vegan Body Care Products


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MissLiaMack MissLiaMack SA Posts: 53
1 2 Apr 2013
Some websites are helpful where you ahve a search critera and can check which things you want in your search - Naturally Safe is one of these (
Some brands coming up are GAIA, MiEssence, Lily Loves Pearl, Emma, Nancy Evans, Cosima... Has anyone used any of these brands? Were they good? Any other suggestions?

Looking mostly for skincare and haircare.

Thanks darls. x

Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
2 2 Apr 2013
seems like a great site! thankyou happy

Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
3 2 Apr 2013
i have a question...not sure if silly or not ..... why does everywhere put the wot not sunscreen as being vegan but yet the ingredients say 'beeswax'?? is there something i dont know about there being a vegan friendly beeswax or....??? i dont get it! x

MissLiaMack MissLiaMack SA Posts: 53
4 2 Apr 2013
I know, I got ordered a wotnot sunscreen once only to find out it had beeswax, don't know if all their products do or not...?

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
5 4 Apr 2013
The wot not facial wipes are vegan. I sell the online at I'll be uploading a vegan sunscreen soon too.

StephVeganXO StephVeganXO QLD Posts: 124
6 5 Apr 2013

100% natural, vegan, salon strength products avail at pure indulgence salons in QLD or online

sbustamove sbustamove QLD Posts: 2
7 5 Apr 2013

Check these guys out. I have been using the hair and body products and some make up. They are great and made in Byron. If you have any questions the owner gets back to ASAP either on site via email or i have his direct mobile number wink They are all natural and not tested on animals and almost all are vegan- apart from a couple of the lip sticks i think that have organic bees wax! happy

Emily98 Emily98 WA Posts: 16
8 19 Apr 2013
All the products in the KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr range are vegan, cruelty free and certified organic besides the Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm; which contains beeswax.
Sukin and Biologika are also good vegan brands.
Hope this helps!  peace_out pig happy