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Help animal being abused

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lyds lyds NSW Posts: 300
1 4 Apr 2013
so i think there is an animal over the fence of my backyard getting abused, i have no idea what kind of dog it is all i know is that it sounds like a big one but i woke up on Friday morning around 7 oclock hearing yelps from the dog.

Then the other day i heard some yelling at the dog, then today (4:30) i heard the owners screaming violently at the dog telling it to "get up" or something of the sort followed by what sounded like very hard slaps and then the dog barking very loudly as though threatened

I am not sure what to do as i have called animal welfare league of nsw numerous times and it keeps going to voice mail no matter what time i call morning or night i have been trying to call every darn day!

i sent them an email just then explaining my concerns blahblahblah but i don't know if i can trust that they will actually investigate.

who else can i contact ?

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
3 4 Apr 2013
For this kind of situation, the RSPCA might not help. PETA or HSI will actually go and investigate for sure. You could try contacting the police too!

Deborah3 Deborah3 QLD Posts: 73
4 6 Apr 2013
you need to ring the rspca  they will come and look at the dog you need to ring during bussnis hours heres the number      02 9770 7555  they usually respond fairly quickly ive had to ring  the ones here in qld several times and find them to not only come and check it out once but have seen them come back several times they will even take the dogs away if they need to hope this helps remember you are all that dogs got

The British Aussie The British Aussie SA Posts: 212
5 6 Apr 2013
If it is that bad ring the police!! If they are actually physically harming this dog they will have to go and then they will make sure the RSPCA gets involved.

lyds lyds NSW Posts: 300
6 6 Apr 2013
Thankyou i have now contacted
- animal welfare nsw

I am yet to contact the police, i will wait until any of these organisations contact me.

I did get a reply from AWNSW and even though i said in my email that i was not sure of the address and that i could show them the house from my yard, they replied with "hello please tell us the address the dog is located and we will send an investigator"
-___ -'

Caitlyn192 Caitlyn192 WA Posts: 18
8 6 Apr 2013
Record everything you can as evidence should abuse indeed be happening. Record the time, what you hear and even record video or audio if possible. Call the RSPCA and be persistent if you don't get through the first few times. You may be the only thing that can save an animal being abuse or keep the dog from a violent death.

Caitlyn192 Caitlyn192 WA Posts: 18
9 6 Apr 2013
You shouldn't have to wait for them to call you. And why don't you know the address if they're you're neighbour? Take a walk around the block and find out?