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Vegan Spa/Vegan Birthday

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Jaq Jaq VIC Posts: 23
1 9 Apr 2013
My (vegan) sisters 30th birthday is coming up, and we want to do something special.
One idea we've had is going to a vegan day-spa, but we're not sure if there are any of those/where they are. Does anyone know of any (preferably close to Melbourne)?

Failing that, anyone else got any ideas for day trips/weekend trips that would make a good birthday? She loves animals (unsurprisingly) so something animal related would be great?

Thanks in advance! happy

Janine Janine NSW Posts: 232
2 9 Apr 2013
There's a place called bed and broccoli in vic. Not sure exactly where in relation to Melbourne but check out there sit for info. Australia's first vegan b&b! I've been wanting to go for ages. Hope this helps happy

3 11 Apr 2013
I wouldnt spend the whole day there but if you need to burn some time while , this is a great experience if your alright feeding animals to others.