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Brisbane Vegan facebook group!

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tainui tainui QLD Posts: 35
1 6 May 2013
hey y'all,

I just created a Brisbane vegan group on Facebook.

Check it out!


Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
2 6 May 2013
I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't get on to it sad

tainui tainui QLD Posts: 35
3 7 May 2013
hey there,

What's happening when you try the link? Maybe try the http:// first?

happy Invite your local friends too!

AriaH22 AriaH22 QLD Posts: 35
4 21 Aug 2013
How do I join this, says closed group? I'm new to facebook so i'm a bit lost! happy

tainui tainui QLD Posts: 35
5 22 Aug 2013
hmm, it should say somewhere "join group", let me know how you go! happy