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The cookbook

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Vegetus Vegetus VIC Posts: 76
1 6 May 2013
Hey guys,

A couple weeks back I got the Veganomicon cookbook, and am wondering if anyone has made any amazing recipes from there? There are so many, and with some of the ingredients foreign to me, any tips of what has turned out amazing would be great?
I recently failed at tempeh so staying away from that one for a while...


EmmaG89 EmmaG89 NSW Posts: 86
2 6 May 2013
Dead set, the tofu/chocolate pie with the peanut and walnuts on top IS AMAZING! My carnivore brother requested it for his birthday last year. Also the lemony potatos are good! A nice change. The yoghurt pound cake is also amazing. Oh and my dad loves their pesto recipe! So pretty much everything lol. Sorry, not very specific I know.

EmmaG89 EmmaG89 NSW Posts: 86
3 6 May 2013
AND I ate the tomato couscous with capers (p.117) for lunch for about 2 weeks it was so good, but now I overdid it so haven't made it in a while lol.

Vegetus Vegetus VIC Posts: 76
4 12 May 2013
Awesome thank you happy

EmmaG89 EmmaG89 NSW Posts: 86
5 13 May 2013
lol and on the weekend I made the jelly donut cupcake (go easy on the nutmeg or substitute for cinnamon) and th roasted portabello mushroom salad.

O. M. G. those mushrooms were amazing! Won over everyone at my niece's party yesterday. HIGH RECOMMENDED!

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
6 15 May 2013
Where can you buy it? Are the recipes complicated? Sounds interesting

Vegetus Vegetus VIC Posts: 76
7 15 May 2013
I bought mine off it was $29, almost half price happy

It looks really easy, I just didnt know where to start with some of the recipes, Im going to try the mushroom one this week, thanks Emma!

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
8 16 May 2013
I just realised I was given this cookbook over a yr ago. I completely forgot about it until this post. Thanks for reminding me.