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Gluten free vegetarians/vegans?

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Hiilary Hiilary SA Posts: 2
1 13 May 2013
I was just wondering if anyone on here is a vegan or vegetarian who has coeliac disease?
I have just been diagnosed and am already finding being vegetarian massively inconvenient provided that there is now only one brand of veggie patties that I can eat that don't have gluten in them ... was also hoping to gradually move towards veganism by next year.
Hate being gluten free but there's not much I can do about it, does anyone have any advice?
Particularly with mock meats and things (most of them seem to be cancelled out for me now). Thank you!! happy

Vegetus Vegetus VIC Posts: 76
2 13 May 2013
Hi I am not coeliac but I have a 1/10 Gluten Intolerance (whatever that means), I get bloat when I eat too much wheat pretty much...

I home make all my veggie patties, so easy and cheap! Chickpeas, Orgran rice crumbs, and vegetables, if you need the eggy consistency and dont want to use egg then use the flaxseed egg trick. Don't bother buying them, it costs about $3 to make 12! You can try lentils or sweet potato, or even find ones you liked prepackaged and steal their ingredient list haha.

Tofu is GF also. So versatile.

Also Freedom Foods made some products from oats which are gluten free, just check their packaging. Most of the apple bars, and granola clusters are fantastic for making vegan and vegetarian apple crumbles and desserts.


Vegetus Vegetus VIC Posts: 76
3 13 May 2013

Hiilary Hiilary SA Posts: 2
4 17 May 2013
Thank you so much for replying! Definitely gave some great ideas which I will be sure to try, and that website has amazing recipes! I very well may just copy the ingredients of my fave veggie patties and make them myself, haha happy x