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I need help

Surrendering a dog

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*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
1 22 May 2013
In November last year I came across a puppy running around on the road in a fairly rural area. She was covered in fleas and very hungry. I took her home and straight to the vet the next day. They said she was approximately 10weeks old, she looked like a staffy x ridgeback (most likely bred to be a hunting dog) and she looked like she had lived her life on a concrete floor. She had wounds around her back end from constantly sitting on a hard surface. She also had several scabs and older wounds, some visible scars and a massive lump on her head, most likely from being beaten or falling from a great height. We treated her wounds and I decided to take her to a pro life rescue where no doubt she would have been adopted almost straight away.

My older sister found out I had her and took her off me. Almost literally. She said they had been thinking about getting a dog for her autistic sons. I told her to adopt an older dog, one that was already trained and wasn't as boisterous as this puppy. She still took the dog. She had the dog (which I called Lucy) for 6 months and of course even though she promised to train her and look after her, she gave up. I have Lucy back now as apparently it's easier to get rid of animals rather than putting in the effort to work with them. Lucy is now 8months old and has not been socialised with other animals. She is a beautiful dog and is wonderful with kids but I have 3 rescue dogs and 2 cats and she is very aggressive towards them, not to mention my chooks and sheep.

I have contacted all of the rescue groups I can find details for in Victoria. I have had responses from 3 so far who have said they can't take her for various reasons. I am willing to travel far to ensure she ends up in the right place, after all it's not her fault she has been neglected for most of her life.
I am writing this in the hope that one of you has decided they want to rescue, or that any of you know someone/where willing to work with a bigger dog. She is truly lovely when she is by herself. She was my 4 year old nephews best friend. I will pay for her to fly anywhere in Aus. She deserves a better life than what I can currently provide her with and I don't want to risk my other animals lives.

Ladybug Ladybug VIC Posts: 19
2 24 May 2013
I wish I was in a position to take her Steph. All the best with it.

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
3 24 May 2013
Thank you! I wish she fit in with my existing family, we'd probably manage then but I've only got 3 months before the baby arrives and at the moment I'm juggling the dogs so they can't get to each other.
I have heard back from a rescue in Bendigo who hopefully can help, they've only requested photos so far but that's better than the flat out no.