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New and looking for friends :)

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Steffy T Steffy T QLD Posts: 6
1 19 Jun 2013
Hi im new to this site and would really like to make some likeminded friends happy

I live in Brisbane and would love to know about any groups in the area happy

Steffy x

HopeConnolly HopeConnolly WA Posts: 15
2 20 Jun 2013
Shame you aren't in Perth!

What movies have you watched or literature have you read that made you want to switch to veg?

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
3 20 Jun 2013
Hi Guys!

Jasmint1976 Jasmint1976 WA Posts: 28
4 20 Jun 2013
Welcome Steffy, I am in Perth too but happy to Friend. Hope you enjoy the site and all the info.  thumb

Steffy T Steffy T QLD Posts: 6
5 20 Jun 2013
yey! happy thanks guys x

What made me turn veggy was the make it possible ad. I then went online and saw all the horrific videos of live animal export, factory farming and animal testing. I was shocked at what i saw and couldn't believe that i had not know about this until now.

Turning to veg was easy, every time i see meat i think about the animal and its easy to say no.

This website is awesome ecstatic


Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
7 20 Jun 2013
Welcome! I'm about 3 hours away from brisbane haha. Would love to get to know you better though, always looking for new veggie friends happy

Melanie89 Melanie89 QLD Posts: 8
8 20 Jun 2013
Hi!!  happy

I am new to the site also, and I am looking forward to meeting like minded friends too.I have been feeling like a bit of a lone ranger at the moment!

I am in North QLD  peace_out

punks not dead... fur is punks not dead... fur is United States Posts: 13
10 23 Jul 2013
ahh your bunny is so cute