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A tip on Arthur's Seat!

This really needs to be stopped, please help!

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Fish Fish VIC Posts: 149
1 30 Jun 2013
Please sign at

More information at

Ross trust plans to build a tip on Hill-view quarry in Dromana, Victoria. The tip will be in the middle of two reserves, with only a 50 metre buffer between the tip and the reserves. The quarry currently acts as a natural corridor between the two reserves.

This tip will not meet EPA guidelines.

The two reserves are inhabited by five species under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988- Lewin’s Rail, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Powerful Owl, Koala and the Southern Brown Bandicoot (presumed extinct in the park by the 2011 survey, but has in fact been spotted, albeit rarely). If this goes ahead it will breach the Act.
Also 32 species living there are other regional significance and 11 of high regional significance. They would all be threatened. 'Pest and vermin species' will be attracted to the tip and will threaten the native wildlife. The area is a green wedge.

The tip will also threaten port Phillip bay. Although the Ross trust says that they will be able to remove and treat all the leachate (toxic water, created from tips) risk of contamination is incredibly high.

It is in a high-risk fire area and in a hard area for fire-fighters to defend. There are arsonists in the area. Can you imagine what a burning tip would do to the environment?

It quite close to residential area. It will stink and greatly lower tourism to the area.
The tip is planned to be built at Hillview quarries dromana.
I'm not sure if the link will work, but if it does, this is the area.

Please sign, and spread the word!
Thank you for take the time to the read this and thank you for signing and spreading the word if you do so.