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Facts and figures

What are they for Australia's factory farming industry

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Jasmint1976 Jasmint1976 WA Posts: 28
1 6 Jul 2013
I have seen facts, figures snd films based on the U.S. but I want to know where more information is available on Australia I.e. recent films taken from our farms, figures on  how many animals are killed etc...

Can anyone help me, I am tired of responses from people who say  that  'its not that bad in Australia because we have different rules and regs, those films and facts are for America'.


BFV BFV SA Posts: 138
2 6 Jul 2013
Australian version of the 'Why Vegan' brochure:

Australian statistics on the environmental destruction caused by farm animals:

I often point out to people that some practices in Australia have actually been banned in many countries overseas.
Some examples are the use battery cages, sow stalls, ritual slaughter methods (halal and kosher slaughter which don't allow stunning prior to the animal's throat being slit), live export, and pretty much the whole world wants Australia to ban the mulesing of sheep.