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Sea Shepherd Wish List

A little assistance :)

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4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
1 9 Jul 2013
A fellow Sea Shepherd Volunteer and I worked on writing an official letter requesting donations from various businesses for Sea Shepherd, with the official letterhead and everything, finally something school came in use for! If you know of any businesses that would be willing to donate, the following is the current wishlist for items needed, we would love to hear ideas of businesses to approach! happy

Steve Irwin:
-Vacuum cleaners industrial or heavy duty
-Plywood >10mm thick
-Pine 4X2” or similar framing
-Good quality paint brushes
-Steel; sheet metal, square steel, flat steel etc
-perspex or plexiglass
-rust converter
-Large fridges

Engine Room

-Wire rope cutter- up to 10mm

-Strong 6" magnet trays

-Carbide coated drill bit set (1mm-6mm / 6mm-15mm)

-Quality bimetal hole saw set

-2.5mm and 3.2mm stainless 316 welding rods

-Spray paint (black or grey)and primer

-Cold galvanized/zinc spray paint

-Stainless steel hardware boxes(screws small and big, bolts, nuts, etc.)

-70-80 lt heavy duty storage bins with lids

-Plastic cable ties, all sizes

-Brass pipe fittings

-Stainless Steel pipe fitting

-Steel, aluminum, and stainless steel pop rivets

-UK electrical switches, outlets, electrical boxes, plug ends

-Battery cable crimp on lugs, assorted sizes

-Heat shrink, various sizes, light and heavy duty

-Cotton shop rags-lots

-Brake parts cleaner

-Electrical parts cleaner

-2 Tonne cable winch

(Please do not donate items containing meat, whey, dairy, eggs or honey)

-High grade white flour
-Vouchers/gift cards for supermarkets, health food and department stores
-Olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil
-Tofu and tempeh
-TVP (textured vegetable protein) and vegan faux meat products
-Wheat gluten (gluten flour)
-Nutritional yeast
-Soy/rice/oat/almond milk
-Raw nuts and seeds
-Apple cider vinegar
-Olives and sun-dried tomatoes
-Dried herbs and spices
-Taco shells and burrito wraps
-Maple syrup, agave syrup
-Vegan cereals (cornflakes, weet-bix, nutri-grain, etc)
-Vegan cheese and cream cheese
-Vegan chocolate and biscuits
-Vegan ice-cream
-Corn thins/rice cakes, crackers, etc
-Braggs, Ketjap Manis (sweet soy sauce), liquid smoke
-Juices and sodas

Bob Barker:
**Bunnings gift certificates! These are really the most useful donation because we can get what we need as needed.
*zip / cable ties 6 bags 100 count of med/heavy 250mm or longer
D-shackles 6 galvanised grade M (inside dimension 44mm) rated 3 ton
D-shackles 6 galvanised grade M (inside dimension 28mm) rated .75 ton
Bow shackles 6 galv grade 5 (inside dimension 27mm) rated 3.5 ton
Wire rope grips 10 x 5mm/10mm

*Produce- salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, berries and anything fresh!
*Soy, Rice, Oat or Almond milk

The main and most urgent request is for fresh fruit and veg, soy or other non-dairy milks, tinned
tomatoes, baked beans and spreads (PEANUT BUTTER)

*1 x black toner for MFC-7340 Brother printer

· (3) Air Hose Reels, spring loaded, self winding, wall mounted, with 25 meters of air hose.
· (3) Water hose nozzles:
· (3) Water hose spigots: 1/2 Inch NPT male to male hose
· (1) Bundle Oil Absorbant Pads for engine room use, NOT for SOPEP container.
· Shackles: length of shackle from end to the center of the pin.
o (6) 5 cm / 2 inch
o (6) 8 cm / 3 inch
o (4) 10 cm, / 4 inch
· 1/2 Horsepower / 500 watt Grinder with wire wheel and course stone for engine room with a stand.
· Quality jig saw, electric, (3) pkg of metal cutting blades
· Saws All, Electric, Milwaukee preferable.
· Portable Band Saw, Electric, Milwaukee preferable, (6) spare blades .
· (3) Rapid tap cutting fluid, 1/2 liter cans, NOT in bulk.
· (3) Contact cleaner, CRC
· (1) carton grease cartridges
· (6) each various sizes Bungee cords.
· (3) Rubber securing straps, heavy rubber with hooks on each end, half meter.
· (10) Ratchet straps, small, 1 meter.
· (30) 2 pin European 220V MALE plugs to replace Australian plug configuration for: power tools, freezers and galley appliances. Eliminates need for adapters, saves time and frustration.
· (2) Metal small 5 gallon used oily rag bin for bos’n locker and paint locker
· (2) small white boards, (1) small chalk board
· (6) Refillable dry erase markers – Blue

Blackwoods Supply list: Part #
(1)Pfeifer MPC1 Clamp 1ton 0523 6721
(2)Load Binder-Ratchet 4000kg 0380 4284
(6) D-shackles Grade M 3ton 0497 1708
(6) D-shackles Grade M 0.75ton 0497 1407
(6) Bow Shackles Grade S 1.5ton 0116 0101
(25) Wire Rope Grips Galvanised 0494 4201
(25) Wire Rope Grips Galv 0920 2919
(2) Chain Blocks Generation III 0794 3189
(2) Chain Blocks Gen III 0794 3223
(1) Lever Block Gen III 0794 3257
(1) Drum Clamp 0451 1809

Safety Equipment: Part#
(2) Face Shield w/visor 0096 2438
(2) Replacement visors 0097 5552
(2) Welding goggles Shade 3 0048 0887
(12) Safety goggles Vapour 0771 2380
(12) Replacement lens 0771 2499
(60) Work gloves Pro 20 large 0790 0417
20 Med 0790 0400
20 small 0790 0383
(60) Pro glove clips 0653 0115
(4) Heatshield Mitts 0493 1557
(60) Prosafe wet/freeze gloves
20 large 0862 4192
20 med 0862 4175
20 small 0862 4158
(20) Karabiner 50kN 0340 2574
(2) NB4 Work lights BBLNB410240V 0301 7764

Cleaning supplies: Part#
(2) carton Wypall 6rls 160p/rl 0852 4606
(8) Rubber Floor Mats 0099 3861
(4) Mops 1-Blue 0779 4949
1-Green 0779 4966
1-Red 0779 4983
1-Yellow 0779 5000
(4) Mop Handles 0981 4838

(1) Wire rope cutter HI 0562 5212
(1) Cast Iron Vise 0750 0503
(1) Cobalt Blue SM3CO drill bit set Metric 0150 8706
(1) Cobalt Blue S3 drill bit set Imperial 0174 6354
(1) Hole Saw set H1005S5 0796 77

Sam Simon:
Sam Simon Deck Department

Masking Tape
Flap discs and grinding discs for angle grinders (80 grit is best but any will do).
Rollers & handles (230mm, little ripper 100mm foam)
Bunnings gift cards.
Paint Brushes (assorted sizes)
Turpentine, metholated spirits
Steel – sheet 5mm thick, angle, flat bar
Plywood - 12 & 18 mm
Table saw
Marine varnish
Black gealcoat
Hypalon glue
Hardwood and pine boards
4” cutting discs
2 x 70 or 75 HP outboard engines
15-35-40-50mm Phillips head zinc plasco chipboard screws
Hinges hooks latches and barrel bolts various sizes
Polishing and buffing discs for 4” grinders
Sewing Machine
Perspex or plexiglass
Climbing slings
Vegan arctic boots (no leather)


3/8” (10mm) air hose (≈20m lengths)
Nitto quick-release couplings for air hose
Inverter ARC welder
Welding rods, GP, Low Hydrogen, Stainless
10kVA 415/240V step-down transformer to suit marine application (floating earth)
Insulation Resistance Tester (megger-meter)
Ammeter (or ammeter attachment for Fluke multimeter)
Spanner set - combination (ring/open ender) metric 6mm-32mm
10mm combination spanner (ring/open ender)
Bench Grinder 415V 3-phase
Wire wheels for bench grinder
½” drive socket set (metric)
Metric tap and die set M5-M20
Pipe taps and dies – size 1/8” - ¾” BSP
search lght or spotlight check with us regarding electrical specs
Refrigeration equipment: gauge manifold, leak detector, scales, reclaiming pump
Hour meters to suit 60Hz, 415v (10 off)
Frequency converter from 50Hz to 60Hz (motor driving a generator with 5:6 ratio) to suit ≈28kVA for shore power connection (415V, 63A supply)
Ceramic filter for drinking water
Watertight door
R22 refrigerant
Infra-red thermometer
Drill press 415V 3-phase
Pipe bender ≈ ½ inch to 2 inch

fresh fruit and vegetables, especially greens
plain flour, wholemeal flour
vegetable oil
olive oil, coconut oil
brown sugar
cocoa powder
icing sugar
dried fruits
seeds and nuts
soy sauce
tomato paste
coconut milk and coconut cream
condiments, sauces
nutritional yeast
maple syrup
herbs, spices
noodles (ramen, udon, soba..)

Thanks again happy

Theodora Theodora VIC Posts: 47
2 11 Jul 2013
Perhaps try Bunnings? I know that they do a lot of community/ charity stuff...

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
3 13 Jul 2013
Theodora said:
Perhaps try Bunnings? I know that they do a lot of community/ charity stuff...
already onto them wink thanks xx