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beautiful natured cows in need of home

4 heifers and 3 calves

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Verity Verity VIC Posts: 4
1 24 Jul 2013
Is there such a thing as a cruelty free farm where cows can live out their lives? My grandfather passed away earlier this year, leaving us his beautiful Angus (? but they are not all black) cows.  4 of them are heifers which he has had for at least 5 years, but probably longer. They might be pregnant again as next doors bull invades the paddock as he pleases. There are also two calves  that are about 4 months old and a steer from last season. They really are beautiful cows but the property will be put on the market later in the year and I really don't want these cows to be slaughtered. Help!
Verity. Melbourne, VIC

Veggie Veronica Veggie Veronica NSW Posts: 108
2 24 Jul 2013
The calves could go to petting farms. Just make sure you choose one that doesn't sell their animals when they get big. I know a petting farm that has their own farm where they look after their animals forever once they're too big.  Do some searching:

If no one comes to get them you should give them too Edgars Mission. They will look after your cows for sure. Contact them.

I wish I could take them myself, but I'm not in the countryside or in Vic.
Good luck!

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
3 24 Jul 2013
If the calves are that young they should stay with their mums for as long as possible as they'll still be feeding from them. I would contact Edgar's Mission first as if they can't help they will know who can.

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
4 24 Jul 2013
Definitely contact edgars mission! They are a farm sanctuary, so it's basically a forever home where they will get love and attention and never ever be abused or end up on anyones plate, and if they can't take them, they should be able to put you in touch with someone who can!

5 24 Jul 2013
Definitely try Edgar's Mission! They're moving to a new farm soon so may be able to take the moo-ey full time, otherwise they'll be able to help with rehoming! Their email is   and they're pretty prompt with replies happy

Verity Verity VIC Posts: 4
6 28 Jul 2013
Thanks very much I will explore these avenues.

Verity Verity VIC Posts: 4
7 28 Jul 2013
Edgars mission it is! Thanks

Verity Verity VIC Posts: 4
8 28 Jul 2013
Thanks, I will get in touch with them!