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moral dilemma

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tainui tainui QLD Posts: 35
1 29 Aug 2013
Hi guys,

I'm Vegan, but I still purchase second hand or pre-owned leather shoes. Only because doing so does not create demand. If you were to buy new, this would create demand for more cows skin to be used as shoes.

The reason I'm vegan is 1, for the animals, 2, for the planet and 3, for my health.

My question is, would you rather purchase second hand / pre-owned leather shoes OR brand new Vegan shoes and why?

Amy Amy VIC Posts: 163
2 29 Aug 2013
Unleashed Admin

sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
3 29 Aug 2013
I would rather buy pre-owned leather shoes, as it creates no demand for leather and does not support sweatshops. Some say that wearing leather encourages others to do the same, but looking from a distance, when someone is wearing them, you can't tell whether it is leather or synthetic. So definitely second-hand happy

tainui tainui QLD Posts: 35
4 29 Aug 2013
thank you for showing me those websites, I like the look of some of the macbeth shoes!

tainui tainui QLD Posts: 35
5 29 Aug 2013
yeah, I think I'll definitely keep purchasing pre-owned leather shoes, might buy some new vegan ones too. Thanks guys!

Velouria Velouria VIC Posts: 107
6 29 Aug 2013
I'm kind of torn with this, there was a time I refused to buy second hand leather shoes but I have done so of late from op shops, it's true synthetic shoes are made to look like leather anyway.  

I only do this with shoes for some reason, probably due to comfort more so and price and it doesn't encourage the leather goods industry if they're second hand.  I have bought one pair of quality vegan shoes that cost me a bomb but was happy to.  

For some reason I still feel some guilt for doing so (second hand leather shoes that is), as I relate it to the skin of a animal.  At times as well I feel people will tear into me when they discover I'm a vegetarian and critique everything I wear, like that have some bizarre right to, not!  But if I do have a discussion with them on related matters I feel it's my weak point if I do wear leather shoes second hand or not.  I know it shouldn't but it does sometimes.

In someways I also think if I believe in something shouldn't I do it whole heartedly, no exceptions?  Maybe it's my character, that if I commit to something I try to do it in every aspect but it can be damn difficult and I haven't been able to in all areas and I applaud others that are able to.

I guess it depends what your level of commitment to the plight of animals is and what aspects are important or more important than others?  Obviously not consuming them is a given.   drums  (just wanted to use the drums, what a cutie, haha)

AriaH22 AriaH22 QLD Posts: 35
7 29 Aug 2013
No leather - ever. Just looking at leather makes me feel sick and awful thoughts run through my head... Not sure how people can be ok about it, not judging you at all - promise! I just hate the stuff!

lucidity lucidity SA Posts: 54
8 30 Aug 2013
hmm... in a sense it's up to personal preference. but i had a pair of leather doc martens and i couldn't stand the sight of them so i got rid of them and bought a vegan pair. it can be pretty hard to explain to people that using animals is wrong when you've got animal skin on your feet. plus it still normalises the use of animals, regardless of whether people can tell or not. i personally wouldn't buy second hand leather because it shouldn't be something to be bought sad

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
9 30 Aug 2013
Vegan shoes creates demand for veganism so I'd go that. That being said there are many reasons to buy second hand as well... so to me it's pretty 50/50.

BFV BFV SA Posts: 138
10 30 Aug 2013
Most vegan shoes I've seen available are environmentally friendly and sweat-shop free... plus, you're giving your money to companies who are doing the right thing, so hopefully they can expand and become more mainstream... so I don't really see a downside! happy

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