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Positive Vibes


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d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond WA Posts: 342
1 10 Sep 2013
Yo homeslices!

I haven't been on this site for about two years but yay! I'm so proud of every one of you for doing all that you have over the passed time.

A lot of my friends are all going vegetarian and vegan now as that seems to be "in" (which is good). Anyway it's kinda because of the music; a lot of the bands we listen to now days are under something called "The Vegan Straight Edge" lifestyle choice.
Bands like Truthseeker, Bane, Haveheart, Born into Suffering, 50 Lions, Soul Search... etc

Truthseeker actually have snippets of Earthlings in their demo songs ("Things I'd Wish I'd Never Seen" and "Seek" mostly) and thus the message is getting across to more and more people! How cool is that?!

anyway- I just wanted to say I'm proud of everybody for doing everything they can for what they love and to keep at it cus it's wonderful!

also is there any other cool reason why more and more people are changing their ways now days?! I hear Katy Perry kicked up a storm with Tony Abbot over the radio because of his beliefs.

"We can only dissemble the slaughter house walls one brick at a time, by acts of conscience performed by one person at a time."

Ladybug Ladybug VIC Posts: 19
3 12 Sep 2013
Hey! Welcome back happy

It's so true.

I'm even noticing more people buying free range eggs and meat because it's no longer really "acceptable" to eat factory farmed. It's a small step but slowly I feel as though it's becoming more and more socially acceptable to refrain from animal products!