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MOROCCAN OIL hair repair treatment


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1 19 Sep 2013
Hey guys,
I've managed to fry my hair and thus went out to buy a protein hair treatment. I was torn between the argan oil Muk treatment and the Morroccan Oil repair treatment and as both had the bunny symbol on the packaging, I let the store guy convince me that the Morroccan Oil treatment was better and worth the extra cash.
When reading the ingredients list, I couldn't see any animal derived ingredients in either product (I think the Muk treatment may have had more protein in it in hindsight, so I kinda wish I had got that) but just wanted to double check that I haven't made a mistake. I have read that the Morroccan Oil company is cruelty free and doesn't use animal products and that this info is 'clearly stated' on their website but I can't find that statement online for myself so I am a little worried that it has been removed for a reason.
Can anyone offer any insight? For 50$, it would want to fix my hair AND stand by the cruelty free claim on the label, if not, i'll be sending the company will be getting a few angry emails!

lucidity lucidity SA Posts: 54
2 20 Sep 2013
i don't know that much about hair but you may not even need to buy a pre-made treatment. coconut oil is very, very good for hair, as well as skin, and internally happy best to stick to basics when it comes to anything on your body, plus you get the peace of mind that it is definitely cruelty free.