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Organic Milk

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Theodora Theodora VIC Posts: 47
1 21 Sep 2013
I know some people who buy only organic milk, and I'm worried that these farms might still treat cows and calves the same- does anyone have some info for me?

tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu NSW Posts: 221
2 21 Sep 2013
Look at this forum: It is full of information about cruelty and organic milk

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
3 22 Sep 2013
All milk products are produced the same way, a cow must have a calf to produce milk, the calf is taken away -either killed on the farm, sold to auction, sold to veal farms or sold directly to the slaughterhouse- this happens to both male and female calves.

Ill give you a few samples ive personally witnessed of abuse from organic dairys. Some of  the calves I've rescued have come from local organic dairy farms, Bugsii (female, jersey) was bearly a day old when she was sent to auction, she was very small and frail and you could see every bone in her body. Bug was that weak she couldn't even stand on her own, she had blood dripping from her ear and running down her nose.

Bambii (female, Friesian) was 3 days old when she was sent to auction, I rescued her the same day I rescued Bugsii, Bambii was emaciated, and was only semi- conscious, she was laying on the concrete floor motionless, she couldn't stand or even sit up on her own - even the guy buying the bobby calves for the slaughterhouse said ' this one wont even make the journey to the slaughterhouse' so no one bidded on her, the auctioneer asked if I wanted her and so I took her without hesitation.

Chase (male, Friesian) was 12 hours old when he was sent to auction, he had a infected embilicol cord, large amounts of mucus around his eyes and coming from his nose and he  was also uncontrollably shaking.

Raisin (female, Jersey) was 3 months old when I bought her directly off the dairy farmer, Raisin was skinny and frail. She had a full belly of worms and other internal parasites which caused her to be enemic. 6 years later she still has problems gaining and holding her weight, hence why she is on a special diet.

All 4 calves came from 4 diffrent organic dairy farms, I won't describe some of the horrific abuse that I've witnessed of 'spent' dairy cows as it is extremely graphic.

It doesn't matter if its free-ranged, organic, factory farmed, family farmed or pastured milk the abuse still happens.