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Looking for some horse lovers who are good at music

How about using talent to help horses?

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freehorses freehorses SA Posts: 5
1 27 Nov 2013
Hi, my name is Cianah (profile name Freehorses).

I am looking for some fellow horse lovers who would be willing to volunteer some time and some musical skills. I am looking at starting up a music group to raise money to help racehorses and help end slaughter of these beautiful creatures. I play the harp, but it doesn't have to be classical- any instrument goes!!!!!!!!! I live in Adelaide, South Australia. If you are interested please send me a message at or visit my profile page.

maddie45 maddie45 VIC Posts: 167
2 27 Nov 2013
I so wish you were in Vic!!! Good luck with this happyhappy

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
3 28 Nov 2013
I can Play Piano but NSW is a bit to far away tongue

I run a Equestrian Photography Business, if you would ever like me to donate a photo to maybe be auctioned off to raise funds to help Ex Racers i would be more then happy to do something like that happy i have 2 ponies and 2 Galloways that i could always go out and do a shoot with if you would like to get a "natural" photo of and auction it off happy  here is a small gallery of my work >

Best of luck!!

freehorses freehorses SA Posts: 5
4 29 Nov 2013
Hey, thanks so much
I'm sure photos would be perfect for raising funds. I will have to let you know if I need some happy

freehorses freehorses SA Posts: 5
5 29 Nov 2013

I have had to change my e-mail address because the computer broke, so I currently have no e-mail. It should be up and running in a few days.

Ring064 Ring064 SA Posts: 21
6 29 Nov 2013
I would love to help out, I really love horses, they are just so dam beautiful and should never race,  but my music skills are really quite terrible... ive only just started working on grade 2 piano and I don't really write much for guitar... sorry. plus im only 13 so...that's a thing as well.... sucks that ive been cursed with the thing of wanting to make great, revolutionary music but completely suck at it... ill cry myself to sleep tonight now...

gotta say, learning the harp, cello and flute would be awesome!!  I absolutely adore the sound of the cello.

Don't worry, ill try and make something but don't expect miracles from me, ive only just been transcribing stuff now, and very little stuff as well

freehorses freehorses SA Posts: 5
7 1 Dec 2013
Any level of music is fine- I am sure we could arrange something that suits your level. You can e-mail me if you want- it's a new email address , if you would like any more details or if you have questions.

michelle32 michelle32 NSW Posts: 4
8 13 Jan 2015
Good luck for this venture.  I love horses but can't play any musical instrument. For your age you are an inspiration for the younger generation, keep up the good work.  banana banana

my rescued daschund my rescued daschund NSW Posts: 1
9 16 Apr 2015
I also have a photo business so if you want some photos to auction off i will kindly donate some photos they are of my rescued thoroughbred mare we got from the doggers i am in nsw  wave