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tell your story

whats your story

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pug_life pug_life NSW Posts: 41
1 20 Dec 2013
whats your story what I mean as what choices did you make to go vegan and go veg what made you join this site what gave you courage whats your story?

ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo QLD Posts: 861
2 20 Dec 2013
Realising that meat was animals... so sad and disgusting! and what gives me courage is my everlasting love and fervent determination to succeed in my endeavours to help all living being receive the respect they deserve! happy

What gives you your motivation and courage?

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
3 21 Dec 2013
I grew up on a beef and sheep farm, i had always loved playing with the animals and i use to sit around on a weekend and just watch them and pat them happy i never really understood animals where the meat that was on my plate until i was 11 and i saw one of the sheep be slaughtered, The image absolutely shocked and scared me, i ran home and cried for hours. I stated to read the newest Dolly Magazine and i saw a story in there about a girl who was veg and she had a link to this site happy so i was curious and i did some research and i became veg after that and now im vegan happy

I always felt being Veg wasn't enough so i started rescuing animals and re-homing the ones that could be re-homed  pig over the years ive rescued cats, rabbits, chooks, turkeys, ducks, horses, cows, sheep and a ferret happy this year ive rescued 2 Jersey Bobby Calves (Oliver and Jacob)  that where going to be slaughtered and a Turkey (Elliot) that was going to be fattened up and killed for Christmas happy I also foster Cats for the local No-Kill Shelter happy

Contortionist Contortionist NSW Posts: 41
4 21 Dec 2013
well when i found out what people did to animals i wanted to help animals and my mum foung this page and i imediently wanted to join chick cow dog pig wave