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Vegan and vegetarians

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TahnaeyaDearsley! TahnaeyaDearsley! VIC Posts: 3
1 30 Nov 2009
when i first turned veg allot of vegans said i should do more and  i don't actually care about animals and i wasn't really a vegetarian because i still ate fish..that was about 5 months ago
i just wanted to say that i is really hard for most people to be a vegetarian because there whole family eats meat.. like mine

at least were having ago at being vegetarian for most people its not just a snap decision some of my friends don't talk to me coz they think im weird because i want to be a vegetarian and help animals well there not worth it if people give you  a hard time just remember all the lives you are saving and all the suffering you are stopping

even if your not a vegetarian and your still doing other things like buying free range products GOOD ON YA!!  
clap clap


mushroomfeilds mushroomfeilds SA Posts: 320
2 30 Nov 2009
good job i totally gree even though i disagree with on and off vegeness at least they are eating LESS

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
3 30 Nov 2009
so true! every little bit helps!

i can't judge anyone who eats dairy/eggs because their parents make them, because my mum's been really easy and supportive with me going vegan. saying that though, i think people who have already moved out and who only vegetarian and not vegan due to ethical reasons, are not doing all they can... and are even being kinda hypocritical.

how's it all going so far?

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
4 1 Dec 2009
Most of us come from meat eating families I know it's annoying but you've always got fellow veggos here for support. You're right too, I lost a friend or two when I went vegan because they couldn't take I was doing something so non-conformist and so that's right, they aren't worth it and I don't need their friendship if they are such limited people!

Cait Cait NSW Posts: 38
5 1 Dec 2009
I hate it when people give u a hard time, i've only recently started being a vegetarian and everyone has to always make smart comments and act so shocked about it, it's even worse when people get all carcastic about what you eat and don't eat. As far i know there are only two students at my school that are vegetarian, me and my best friend. Thankfully though my friends have been great lol. People shouldn't think they are better than others, many people appear to think that if they are a vegan than they are better than everyone else which is just plain stupid. You can't be judged on what you eat!!!!

Nathan Nathan VIC Posts: 148
6 1 Dec 2009
I'm a vegetarian and I think vegans should encourage people who go vegetarian because they're making a step in the right direction and alot of people who go veg eventually go vegan. I want to go vegan eventually.

My family were supportive of me going veg and had no problem with it but there were some that said all the usual crap, so I've heard all the stuff meat eaters say aswell. Like, you need meat, you'll get sik, there's nothing to eat, but you eat plants and the question I hate being asked is do I eat fish, it annoys me so much. I usually respond nicely and give them a good answer but if they're being rude or they keep saying the same crap over and over, I just ignore them or I say something back.

If people are going to ignore you or not be your friend just because your a vegetarian then that's pretty bad and they're not really worth it.

Frenzal bop Frenzal bop SA Posts: 778
7 1 Dec 2009
I knew someone who was a life long vegetarian and hated vegans because they would give him crap about it. I was vegan though went back to being vegetarian because it is whats comfortable for me and I wasn't comfortable being vegan.

I guess alot of it comes down to personal choice.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
8 1 Dec 2009
Most ppl become vegetarian then vegan, not omni to vegan so it's important not to "knock" out the middle man!  Vegetarians obviously care about animals and are making a huge contribution.

I also think it's fantastic that there are sites like this and other forums/networking available that is making ppl aware of veganism. I was vegetarian for 12 years before learning the horrors and I regret I didn't make an effort to find out earlier. Understandably, veganism it isn't for everyone but being vegan is the ultimate way in helping animals.

Well done to all veg*ns happy

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
9 1 Dec 2009
i think thats really bad
but i will say
i dont think people who eat fish are vegetariasn (pescetarians)
and yes it can be hard coming from a meat eating family but its not to hard(although it does depend on the family) .
The majority of us come from meat eating families happy

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond WA Posts: 342
10 1 Dec 2009
agreed to the max times 10 plus one.
its ok, I just confused myself too. happy

good job.

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