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potentially not vegan anymore:: Egg White

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Chicken Legs Chicken Legs VIC Posts: 72
11 18 Mar 2014
oh no sad I'll try to remember this when I am in need of a quick loaf of bread. In the mean time I'll just have to munch on my mummys homemade deliciousness. That's one thing I can sit back and not stress my self while looking at a list of ingredients.

Lausie Lausie WA Posts: 29
12 30 Mar 2014
So, just to confirm it is only the gluten free range that has egg now?

Elise4 Elise4 SA Posts: 40
13 1 Apr 2014
ox.kylie.xo said:
Casper.s2 said:
4_animals said:
Crumpets are vegan!!! Happy person right here happy
tip top english muffins are too... please people, keep reading ingredient lists though.
companies can change things on you without warning.
sadly this is true, the thing is though they shouldn't because say a person with allergies to egg or dairy frequently uses a product that they know to be eggless or dairy free and they get sick.... it is irresponsible for the company not to mention their change with like you said casper a big sign yelling 'we use egg now' not to mention that their loosing out on business from loyal vegan customers that are now displeased with this... it needs to be included into regulations for all companies to label vegan as it is just not ok for us vegans that already don't have that much time on our hands because we're out saving animals and addition to that have to spend 3hrs in the shopping centre each week trying to find products up to our ethical beliefs... it's not ok it is not fair... they say the make the experience as convenient as possible but the more ethical beliefs you have the harder things get when it comes to shopping. (finding organic, vegan and fair trade all in the one product is near impossible...) We need more vegans in politics and law!!!!
It's hard enough finding toothpaste not tested on animals. I eat Helgas sad  I'm going to check the pack when I get home!!

FidoFriend FidoFriend NSW Posts: 33
14 6 Apr 2014
As an alternative to Helga's, Abbott's Village Bakery breads, available in Woolworths and Coles, are labelled as suitable for vegans and vegetarians. happy

Chicken Legs Chicken Legs VIC Posts: 72
15 6 Apr 2014
It's hard enough finding toothpaste not tested on animals. I eat Helgas sad  I'm going to check the pack when I get home!!

red seal is easy enough to find :p

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
16 8 Apr 2014
it's only the gluten free bread (which is new) that contains egg. calm down people

Flaxen Flaxen VIC Posts: 1
17 11 Apr 2014
Dovedale and Naturis are delicious! at least when toasted. Both gluten free and vegan and typically organic ingredients.

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