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Free Range Turkey

My experience.

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4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
1 26 Mar 2014
I thought it was time to describe my experience of a free range farm. This occurred a few years back and is still standard to this day.

Im on the school bus. No conditioning, vinyl seats, sun bearing down on the back of my neck through the many, unopenable windows. It's a forty degree day, and im soaking myself in water to reduce the risk of heat stress. My legs are sticking to the seats you can hear the ripping sound of skin detaching itself from plastic as I sweat. My head is itchy due to the combination of hot, thick hair and water I sprayed on myself. I thought I had it pretty bad.
First class was agriculture. We had to get a stock count of the turkeys in the ag block. Walking over you see rows of average sized sheds. Tin sheds.
Opening the door of one all you hear is faint rustling and feel a wave of damp, sweltering air pass through the class's necks.
I look up, Im in shock.
Hundreds of turkeys crammed together in a shed that would be used in a workshop if not for the four slits in the sides letting in the smallest amount of sunlight and shit ridden, deep litter on the floor.
Their chests were rising and falling rapidly from distress.
Their mouths gaping open.
It gets bad.
All of a sudden a gap is formed in the congestment of turkeys.
Rapid movement, one turkey is convulsing, twitching, collapsed on the floor desperately flapping his wings in distress.
He was having a heart attack.
My teacher steps forward and without hesitation, grabs his neck and stomps on his head. A sickening, deafening crack echoes through the shed.
This is a free range, school Christmas turkey program.
This is standard for a free range turkey farm.
The shed was up to legal animal welfare standard.
The teacher did what was required by law to cause the turkey the least amount of suffering possible.

Do you agree with this?

Elise4 Elise4 SA Posts: 40
3 28 Mar 2014
This must have been heartbreaking to see. It's so upsetting to know that this is legal.. "Free range" meat should come with a label saying "spent his/her life suffering in an unhygienic hot shed with scarce room to breathe".

And what your teacher did would stick with me forever. I just hope they don't take small kids there..

Lausie Lausie WA Posts: 29
4 30 Mar 2014
Wow, Emma how harrowing. I'm glad that you shared this story, though, because knowledge is power. One of the things we can do as vegans is use this information to inform others especially when they ask us why we are vegan/vegetarian. I'm sorry you had to go through it, though...