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Weber's Circus Gold Coast

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le gabrielle le gabrielle QLD Posts: 214
1 10 Apr 2014
I'm not sure how many people live in the area, but if anyone has noticed the circus in Robina (Scottsdale drive/Christine Avenue area) I'm very interested to know if any one has any thoughts about it regarding the use of animals for entertainment etc, and if there are any plans to organise a protest? I'm writing a News Pitch for my reporting course at UQ and was thinking this could be an interesting topic of exploration/discussion.

Annairda Annairda QLD Posts: 35
2 11 Apr 2014
I went to the protest against the Stardust circus on the Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago and it was really great to see a lot of the support from the local community in the area! Hopefully there will be an event happening for Weber's really soon, I'd really like to come along and support that.

It's really upsetting that the council decided to lift the ban on them... I've been trying to watch out for any news about what's going to happen next. sad