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hjt1808 hjt1808 VIC Posts: 4
1 18 May 2014
Does anyone know of anywhere to get t-bar school shoes that aren't made of leather? At the start of the school year I went to get shoes for the new year, but my high school won't let me wear normal shoes during the day ( I think most are like that). I arrived at the shopping centre expecting to easily find some synthetic or vinyl t-bars, but they were all leather! Mum and Dad made me get leather ones because we couldn't find others. I was so upset I could have screamed!!! Help me please!

maddie45 maddie45 VIC Posts: 167
2 18 May 2014
Welcome to the forum! happyhappy

Is your school strict on t-bars? I used to wear vegan Dr Martens to high school (shoes, not the boots!)

Amy Amy VIC Posts: 163
3 19 May 2014
Unleashed Admin
This place in Collingwood might have what you're after -
Or if not they might be able to make something especially for you happy

hjt1808 hjt1808 VIC Posts: 4
4 19 May 2014
We don't specifically have to wear t-bars but t-bars, buckles or lace ups are our choices. They have to be leather or vinyl but I can't find vinyl anywhere.

hjt1808 hjt1808 VIC Posts: 4
5 19 May 2014
Thanks Amy for the shop- it looks like it's got some pretty good stuff!

ryttu3k ryttu3k NSW Posts: 18
6 19 May 2014
Try looking for discount places? They'll often have vinyl and other synthetics, and I've managed to get nice flats and ankle-length boots there - you may have to ask, since they tend to show all the leather crap out the front. Good luck, though, it can be hard finding them!

claingbot claingbot NT Posts: 31
7 21 May 2014
Vegan wears is great for vegan shoes, they will even tailor shoes individually for your foot for a small charge. They last a good amount of time, but they can be expensive.

The idea of going to a cheap shoe shop isn't bad if you're looking for non-leather, and aren't concerned if they're certified vegetarian. Online isn't too bad an idea if you have a pretty standard shoe size.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
8 30 Aug 2014
Payless shoes have a brand named SafeTStep

I wear the Hostess one to work & gotta say it is the most comfortable synthetic "school" shoe I've bought.

Here's the range.... Some are synthetic, some are leather.

Joseph3 Joseph3 Australia Posts: 3
9 4 May 2015
There are lots of website are available right now, of-course it will made by online shopping. Just go to the Google search with the help of online school shoes you can get lots of website where you can choose easily like