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Need more vegan options in shops and restaurants

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cassie2 cassie2 VIC Posts: 212
1 11 Jun 2014
I am a vegetarian but I struggle to go completely vegan. I think a lot of this is the fact shops don't often have many vegan options. When I go out for lunch I end up with the salad or plain pasta boring if you ask me. It is also hard for my brother as he is gluten free. Coles should sell soy cheese but they only sell mini chol it unfortunately has milk in it. I would love it if I could get cheezly there . Or soya too

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
2 12 Jun 2014
well apparently coles will soon be stocking a vegan cheese, definitely comment here to give them some encouragement!

I've been seeing more and more vegan options popping up in normal restaurants, the way to get them there is to keep requesting them! ring before you go anywhere and ask if they are able to cater for a vegan, if not... go somewhere else! support those that will cook for you and give you a good service! even better, try and frequent vegan establishments.
have a look on happy cow
it will help you find vegetarian/vegan restaurants/grocery stores and places that are really vegan friendly!

Amy94 Amy94 WA Posts: 3
3 12 Jun 2014
I agree with you, it is very hard to find tasty vegan options when going out for meals. I work in a café kitchen and I always try to make a couple of tasty vegan dishes every day.
It's really a shame that cafes and restaurants don't put more care and thought into vegan food options. Some don't even cater for vegetarians!! How are we supposed to successfully promote a vegan lifestyle when it's near impossible to find tasty vegan food? People who love meat and other animal products and who are ignorant of factory farming won't give up those things if the alternatives are tasteless and boring. It's hard enough to "convert" them with tasty vegan food.

William3 William3 United States Posts: 5
4 10 Jul 2014
Quality matters alot no doubt...

cassie2 cassie2 VIC Posts: 212
5 19 Jun 2018
Where I live has definately lifted its game. Sheese from woolworths. And several vegan ice creams at woolworths and Iga. Last thing is la porchetta altona meadows has a vegan menu so yummy. Good job Western  suburbs  peace_out